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  1. Its been awhile since I have looked at the Megaquirt systems, there a a few different ones now-a-days. On some of the models the tach gauge signal wire is re-routed to the MS box. Or you should be able to splice in the ignition signal before it gets to the MS box. Either way its not so plug and play. How are you liking the MS, smoother running, easier DIY tuning? I have been wanting to do it to my mustang project.
  2. I would like to see a photo of your calipers. I dont think banjos have been used on any of the s130's. I had a hell of a time a few years ago getting any calipers. I was sent several wrong sets. I wouldn't be surprised if you got your hands on the wrong ones as well. I will even put my shoes on and take the rear wheels off to compare the calipers.
  3. I'm going to guess since I don't see the other end of that connector in my rats nest. I think it's a connector for the radio, or audio controls
  4. This is the front brake from an 83, it's the same hose as the back but longer. I am too lazy to take the back wheels off. It's also the same on an 81. Those are the only years I am certain of. Threaded on both sides. Hopefully this helps.
  5. In these days of on going boredom, waiting for parts, and rationing toilet paper, I found myself reading wikipedia. Reading the same articles I always do. I found an interesting portion of the article that I have never heard before. The s30 guys love telling me the rear trailing suspension sucks therefore your car sucks. I have never had a problem with the suspension or the oversteer. Has anyone ever heard about this revised rear suspension in `81? If so, what was the change, and does it improve the geometry? Sorry for the sporadic thoughts and mus
  6. I was on the bus today and saw a ZX. Luckily he was at a red light so I could get a good look. I saw a filler panel filling in the gap from the removal of the bumper. Is this still being made or was it a custom job.
  7. I recall someone mentioning that they made their own out of rubber or something. I think it was in one of the ls1 swap post. I think it was done for clearance. Ill see if I can find the poster. If you look at the joint, it looks fairly easy to just replace the rubber bit. I recently replaced my mustang steering shaft with a solid shaft (no rubber rag joint) and the steering is now super crisp. You can actually "feel" the road now.
  8. What joint did you end up using. I am having problems finding the right spline count joint
  9. The pan is jegs 555-50229 and was $240.94. Its good quality. The down side is that it uses a remote filter. I got their easy kit which comes with everything need for the install. This pans front sump is 3/4 inch deep plus aluminum thickness. I hope this helps with your own research.
  10. So far this year I have gotten a LQ4 mocked up. This allowed me to make some measurements for clearances. I ended up using an oil pan from Jegs, it seems to be perfect, and cost effective. This is just a mock up and I still need to install the heavy duty washer for the engine mounts, which should give me a touch more clearance from the steering rack. Its hard to see in the picture but there is about 1/2 inch clearance, is that enough? The issues I am currently investigating is a cheap solution to the intake manifold clearing the hood. Should I spend 600 bucks for an int
  11. I have been slowly working on my 83 for a LS swap. Related to the headers that you used, I have been thinking of just adding a steering shaft joint just to get a few inches. Do you think that would work, if you got an inch or so extra clearance for the headers. Also what headers did you end up using?
  12. I have been going back and forth about what kind of engine to put back into my 1983 ZX for years (almost a decade. First it was SBC (too ordinary), then I thought it would be easier to put the original one back in (too expensive, I have no engine), now Im thinking about stealing my wifes 1994 Mustang GT engine and transmission and putting it the ZX. I found these parts which will help. Also I have driven the mustang and I can take anything I need out of it. Have any of you used these mounts or cross members before? Just wondering if I'll ever get started on this project. http://
  13. I happen to have these springs with the tokico HP struts, also I have the silver and blue door panels you mentioned in another post. I'm selling the whole car though. If you are interested in the whole car PM me, for pics and such.
  14. Not sure how to go about this... I recently went to a Chumpcar event in Kent Washington at Pacific Raceway. It was awesome and I really want to be a part of it and elected to scrap my V8 ZX project in an effort to achieve this. The problem I have is that all the people I know are either broke, or don't care to get a large dose of adrenaline going balls-to-the-wall down the front straight. I got my wife on board, I got a car that needs to be build to Chumpcar Spec, I got a brother-in-law mechanic and I desperately need a team that want to build and race a ZX. If you are in the Seattle
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