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  1. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    savage42 has stepped up to the plate and is going to be taking on production of the next run for me. I just don't have the time or resources to dedicate to this right now, but I can answer questions not related to production timeline, cost, etc.. so please send any inquiries about having some made to him, thanks guys!
  2. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    ok guys, here's the scoop....i'm a pretty busy guy right now, i've got to relocate to the other side of phoenix for school within the next month, and that means job transfer, finding a house, etc... This has to take priority above all else at the present time, so please bear with me on this. I have every intention of making a second run, I don't like the idea but I will take a pre-payment when I feel I'll have the time to sort everything out properly. My intention is to have a run made for double what the pre-payment amount is in increments of 30, since that's what I can get out of each sheet of steel. So if people pre-pay for 30, I will have 60 made. If people pre-pay for 45, I will have 90 made and so on and so forth. This costs me out of pocket as well, but hopefully I can make enough to come out slightly above the break-even point again. Please bear in mind that I will follow through with this when I don't have so much on my plate that needs to be taken care of. Once I've sorted those things out (hopefully in the next two to three weeks) I'll start taking money and ordering the material. thanks again guys
  3. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    well, if there's a demand, there should be a supply...haha. Let me get talking with a local waterjet company here and get some prices. Hopefully I can offer them cheaper then the last set, but I don't think another run of 30 is out of the question. I'm starting school soon, and that means a tight budget, so if anything gets set in stone payment in advance would be nice...
  4. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    im sold out guys...if there's enough interest I may consider another run, but that's still undecided.
  5. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    i've lowered the price to $15 a piece now...finances for this month aren't looking too good right now, so I need to move these things. thanks guys!
  6. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    I still have plenty of these available, those who have paid for them will have them shipped out tomorrow. I'd have shipped them out sooner had I not needed to take a trip to California.
  7. wingman

    Ohh lala. Look what I saw in Vegas!

    i actually saw one of the test mules in Las Vegas last year in the Luxor parking lot. At the time, all I knew is that it looked german, but thought it was a kit car. Had no clue it was audi's new supercar until it came out in the magazines a few months later. I even got a would-be carjacker caught trying to make a move on it when I told security there was a guy out there scoping it out
  8. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    Sorry about any confusion on the matter guys! The only difference is that these were waterjet machined and programmed by the machinist himself. As close as I can tell without a set of accurate calipers, they look spot on to the original, and I've already test fit them in my R200. These are the same .062" thick 1092 spring steel that he originally used as per the thread detailing the development of them. The only difference is that these were made on a waterjet and there should be no problems with them working hand in hand with the originals. So far none have been spoken for, I've had a bit of interest, but no money thus far. If anyone wants to purchase 2+ sets of 4, I'm willing to cut the price a little for shipping and such...just let me know!
  9. wingman


    http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?p=788094#post788094 all the info is there
  10. wingman

    R200 LSD clutches

    i've got 26 of these sitting around from a run I had made, they're made from 1092 spring steel and waterjet machined. These are near exact replicas of what phyxius had previously made. There's plenty of info on these in the driveline section of the forum, and even a sticky for installation instructions. If anyone is interested, I'd like $15 a piece for them, shipping included. I'm willing to have another run or two made depending on demand, and the more demand the more I'll have made, and thus the cheaper each set will be (waterjet is expensive man!). Paypal is preferred, PM for address and availability.
  11. wingman


    i've had a set of 30 made, trying to sell them now actually. Didn't use your CAD file, but if I ever sell all of these I'll shoot you a few bucks for pioneering the idea!
  12. wingman

    Another 7MGTE swap with pics

    nice to see you on here Andy! You, me, and Clifton should have a little HybridZ meet up at the pavilions sometime after I finish mine, we can even drag some of the supra crew with us since I'm rooming up with Clint now.
  13. wingman

    Need help with a dead cylinder

    did you try grounding the plug outside the cylinder to see if it has spark? If it's got spark, and compression is good, go down to autozone and see if they have an injector pulser and fuel pressure tester. You should be able to rent the tools for a small amount if not free (at least with the one here, anyway).
  14. i'm right in the middle of doing a small block swap to my z31. the biggest thing off the top of my head is the steering box, I'm not sure the exact dimensions of the LS2, but I'm forced to run block hugger headers because of the steering box/shaft. also, axle stubs. Be prepared to shear them off like no tomorrow if your going to do hard launching, even with cryo treating. Someone on z31performance.com had a set custom made, and he's now breaking the half shafts apart. beefing up the clutching in the LSD is another thing on my list. I'm doing what the guys who took part in phyxius' group buy did and replacing the spacers for clutch discs. Hopefully i'll have enough left over from my material, so I can sell a few off.
  15. hello, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to make some clutches for my R200 CLSD, I will need a total of 4. I've asked phyxius if he still has them available and had no response back. I have a sheet of .062" 1095 spring steel, so you won't have to source the material, I just need someone to cut them out for me. I live in a po-dunk town with no CNC machinists anywhere within 3 hours of here...let alone anything close to waterjet. Sadly, I do not have access to any sort of CAD or CAM program, so the best I can do is see if anybody happens to have a dimensional drawing of the clutches (hint, hint) to go by. Also, if any of you are located in SLC, or know someone who can make them for me in SLC, I will be going down there on Friday the 18th and can drop the material off. Any help is appreciated! I hope to have my car done in a month or so, and this is the only thing really holding me up fabrication wise!