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  1. Pending sale, should be done by tomorrow.
  2. Sorry for the blurry video.. my phone started overheating in this 102F temp and seems to make the video stutter and become wave then shut off mid video and had to take a second one.
  3. Updating this with more recent pictures as I've been asked by a few. https://imgur.com/a/Qm87BT6
  4. Thanks, I've seen cars like mine run higher, but hoping for a quicker sell.
  5. Location: Fort Worth Texas 1971 240 98 LS1 and T56 (LS1 was cleaned up, oilpan gasket replaced, water pump gasket replaced, headgasket replaced, new head bolts, header studs, new thermostat) 99 ECU Complete new body wiring harness Chevy thunder Engine harness Vintage Air AC Mishimoto Radiator Ebay racing seats R180 STI torsen LSD Drive shaft shop 930CV's with STI to 930CV stub axles Rota RKR 17x9.5 with 275R35x17 tires JTR Headers with 1 3/4 primaries Custom 3in Exhaust with a resonator and straight through muffler + tip ( all connections are v-banded ) Speedhut GPS speedometer Speedhut RPM tachometer Prosport Fuel, Oil pressure, Water temp gauges summit 16g fuel cell walbro 255lph fuel pump with corvette regulator/filter Completely new fuel lines Stainless steel brake lines 1in willwood master cylinder 300zx I think brakebooster flipped (came from another z since I needed a bigger one for the 1in master cylinder.. just can't remember off top of my head which one) LED Headlights with relays MSA front air dam fiberglass fender flares Honda wiper motor rebuilt door hinges replaced door latch rubber so it closes good new carpet for interior removed and installed new floor pans and frame rails from baddog parts. Techno toy tuning front and rear strut tower braces. New tokico struts and vogtland springs I have full set of urathane bushings but have not had time to replace them. My build log for the entire thing is here https://imgur.com/a/R7Cdd as well as you can find my forum post as well on this site. Paint is definitely a work in progress, and driver side door was damage before I got the car and needs to be replaced. Door opens and closes good, but window tract is broken and the inner door to outer door skin looks like it was re-welded poorly so it's tweaked. I've driven 20k miles on the car since the LS1 swap and use the car as a daily driver to and from work 25 miles round trip 5x a week. I just bought a 2012 WRX as I need a more family oriented vehicle so need to sell the Z. I was in the process of turboing the car and have almost all the turbo stuff needed for the car minus dynotune and inter cooling piping. Up to you if you want to buy the turbo stuff as well as the Z or just the Z. Here is a list of all the turbo parts I have and spent on it. Turbo stuff: 3in Vibrant tight radius U bend $52.57 Weld Concentric 4" to 3" Reducer, Stainless Steel 304 $20.29 4in U bend $68.00 2.5in U bend $56.00 8 hi impedance 60lb ev1 fuel injectors $169.99 Rev9 RS-series 50mm wastegate 7-10-12-21-29 psi $98.40 T4 Divided Turbo inlet flange $32.75 2.5in flex pipe $23.99 2x 2.5in vband $45.98 Truck manifolds $69.07 Universal FMIC $105.00 GT45 Turbo $203.76 Currently looking at 10k for the car OBO.
  6. Socorob, did you just buy the saturn vue motor? or the entire steering column? ebay for the most part is only listing the electric motor and not sure if I need the entire column or not.
  7. Anyone in DFW know where I can find a driver side door for a 71 240z? I'm not finding any luck on craigslist and the original Z junk yard seems to no longer have Z's?
  8. Ok so CXRacing failed to be able to get in that racing radiator... Does anyone know of a decent thin aluminum radiator I can get ? I think CXRacing stated there's were 28.75 x 13.5 x 1.5 but not sure what else is out there that could fit?
  9. I've seen a lot of people push the intercooler way out front. Considering I have the intercooler, ac condenser, and radiator plus fans it's going to be a tight fit. I think it's doable but just hoping this radiator gives me the clearance I need without cutting and relocating the radiator support.
  10. Yea, I'm waiting till weather starts to cool down in texas before I start working as it's hot as balls currently. I have a GT45 turbo as well as a set of 6.0L truck manifolds and plenty of 2.5in stainless pipe. I also ordered CXRacing's racing aluminum radiator to help increase the area I have to work with. Currently with the stock ebay aluminum radiator and camaro fans, there just simply isn't enough area in front of the ls1 to put the turbo I got in. So figured if I get dual fans in front of the radiator in a push configuration and a thinner radiator, I might have enough room to fit the turbo there without having to cut out the radiator support. I'm definitely going to have to run the truck headers in the forward and upwards configuration to clear the JCI compressor. But hopefully everything will work. My biggest concern is really having to cut out the radiator support if this new radiator doesn't give me enough clearance. I also ordered: 60# injectors 3 O2 bungs, 2 for the stock ls1 ecu and 1 for a wideband. 50mm wastegate with 7/10/14 psi springs all the vbands I need for 4in downpipe and 2.5in crossovers and a 2.5in flex pipe. All I have left to order is the intercooler, piping, and blow off valve. Once everything is test fitted and looks correct I'll get my z trailered to a dyno tune and setup.
  11. I got myself a GT45 turbo and no way I can fit that between my radiator and engine! Not to mention since I have the JCI ac compressor kit, I can't do forward and under as there simply isn't enough space to fit a header output through there. I'm going to have to run a forward and up system, but even then I cannot fit my turbo between my radiator and engine... just not enough space! I'm either going to have to cut my radiator support and move it and get another 2-3in's. Not sure how everyone else is fitting their turbos with AC as well. So far every picture album I find, it looks like no one is running ac and a turbo?
  12. I use imgur.com to host all my images and it works pretty well.
  13. I'm about to go Turbo, however I'm finding it hard to route headers since I have the stock alternator location and JCI's ac compressor location setup. The driver side I am hoping I can get away with having the truck manifolds turned upwards and forwards... and hopefully that will give me enough clearance to pass over the compressor. If not, I might have to mock up something to go over it.
  14. Actually when I did my JCI kit it came with my driveshaft however I did have to specify a R180 flange. But I assume that would be correct.
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