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  1. See you can have one by next weekend!! It's in Orlando, just needs to be bought and picked up!!
  2. Frank, I don't believe the cage would pass tech in SCCA and possibly NASA. The diagonals within the main hoop don't meet criteria. I'm not saying that I believe its inferior it doesn't meet the rules. From the SCCA GCR: Main hoops shall incorporate a diagonal brace. The brace shall either be in the plane of the main hoop, or extend from the top of one rear brace (described in 9.4.B.2.c) to the bottom of the opposite rear brace. Automobiles with mid mounted engines can have the lower mounting point attach to the frame of the automobile within six inches of the main hoop. In the case of bra
  3. I called you last week and left a messege!!
  4. Got another one here in Orlando! Jeff won't call me back!!
  5. My first question would be: You originally asked for the seat one particular way? They did not deliver what you asked for, and they want to charge you to correct that? Not the way I would do business! We,the customer and I, come to an agreement on what is expected, both from me and from them. If I don't deliver as promised(product/workmanship) than they don't deliver (money). Now, that being said. We came to an agreement on what was practical and feasible. If I can't meet that, I don't take the job, or if its not done as agreed, I can't charge, nor can I charge to fix. The seat should b
  6. You should fit just fine in this car with a proper roll cage!! I am 6'4" and 295 lbs and I fit in my car with no problems!!
  7. Still have the CV axles.

  8. 1 Fast, Are you willing to wear a helmet on a daily basis? Having a bar,let alone a poor fitting one(JEGS), running along side your head will do more damage to your noggin then that idiot t-boning you!! Just something to consider.
  9. Check out your local welding repair business , they usually have a bunch of trade ins and repairs not paid for. My local shop has 35+ used mig units! Won't hurt to meet them as well for thier input on what to get and what not to get!
  10. My point is that if I find a eng/tranny combo and I know of someone looking for atranny we split it and all are happy. Didn't sound hard but might be!!
  11. DUDE... CHILL I have seen a few engine and tranny setups people are selling together, not willing to seperate. I have a jerico for my build. IF I find one I'll let you know, if you find one, let me know! I need engine you need tranny, we split it and both wind up set. Try less caffiene!!
  12. I have one. How about 75 plus shipping. Its in good shape, didn't realise it was an R160 til I set it next to a 180. LOL Chris Leone 4 0 seven 4 six three 0 three 1 2
  13. The camber plate is from ISC racing, they are Mazda shop in Lakeland Fl. they sell ther plates for about 110 bucks. I can't see spending 300 on the set of aluminum ones!!
  14. Here is a few pics from the strut tower and bracing. I cleaned most of the dust for you guys!! The motor will be slightly right of center for "alignment " purposes... not weight distribution.( LOL)
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