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  1. Turned out great imo, they look awesome! -Pat
  2. Glad to hear you worked out some bugs and got it on the road! That sucks you had to roll the fenders but good your tires don't rub. I remember one day your fender peeled off some rubber like an onion. I'm sure I will end up rolling mine in time at least in the rear to go bigger than 245's. I haven't messed with MS in awhile, that is strange that your getting resets right at a certain rpm though.. You figure out anything with this? -Pat
  3. That sucks you don't have your car with you. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't look at mine everyday. How you liking jersey so far? -Pat
  4. What he said, I wanna see a link to pics.
  5. Looks like a good start, I love that color blue! There is a pretty big Z club over in Dallas im not sure when they meet but some of the members might have some more insight for you on your LSx swap. -Pat
  6. Keep up the good work, you have given me lots of incentive to rebuild my Z! That Chimay is some good stuff I like the blue bottle the best -Pat
  7. After the quotes I got I found a U-haul place that was still open and just got a car trasport for 55 dollars and towed it myself. My truck hit 300k in doing so it was meant to be I think. Thanks for the replies! -Pat
  8. I need a tow in the Richland hills area anyone know someone cheap? I had a blowout in my Z and my car is about 1 mile from my house. I will sleep in it before I let it sit there overnight. I tried using another wheel off my 240sx and a spare but there is a wheel spacer on it that im guessing is 100x4 instead of 114x4 cause neither of them line up right. Its getting late and I figured I might as well get it towed home before it gets dark.. -Pat
  9. Picked this S13 up here locally and I am loving it so far. Its all original and unmolested with 160k. Has complete uncracked dash and cold a/c. I wasn't going to get it but the guy gave me a hell of a deal on it and I couldn't pass it up. Its an SE and has power everything that works. Im also pretty sure it has an lsd rear end in it but I need to confirm. First thing I want to do is get some wheels and tires. Its gonna be a DD so I am not going to change much, the suspension and brakes are awesome. Now I just need to sell my series one 240z so I am not broke. Don't worry I still have my 73 240zt so im not leaving just switching it up a bit -Pat
  10. So far I have called 2 places over in arlington and went to 3 places around my house close. Everyone I call they say they don't want to mess with it cause its a turbo car. I have a full mandrel setup that just needs to be welded together and then I have an apexi straight through exhaust to use. One place I went to said they could do it but were not convincing at all when they didn't even know what a mandrel bend was. I just wanna get this exhaust on the car so I can continue tuning and its not so damn loud! I have a custom 3" mandrel downpipe with a 2' piece of stainless bolted to the flange right now. -Pat
  11. Both look like fully custom grills to me. I am fairly certain they are not production grills available for purchase. Im sure if you took that pic to a machine shop they could probably fab you up something close. -Pat
  12. That car is clean as hell I would totally do it! -Pat
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    From the album: 73 240zt

  14. MrCleburn

    73 240zt

  15. I actually went to jdm engine corp today over in Richardson. I saw a nissan maxima on fire on the way there, poor car must of had a terrible owner. They didn't have any rb26's in stock he said. They had a rb25 with trans and everything that I looked at for 1900. Told me it was a series 2 and woman at front told me it was a series 1, so like you said dwarlick they don't really know. It was an r33 series 2 rb25det. Supposedly there getting a shipment around the first of april so I will go check out what they have then. I plan on taking my time and waiting for the one I feel is right. He also told me that he will bundle an rb25det trans with an rb26dett motorset. I didn't ask a price but ill worry about that when he actually gets something for me to look at. -Pat
  16. It should just say "block", if it says "blocked" then you probably have him blocked and thats why u can't get in touch -Pat
  17. So I have been searching alot and still can't really find a reliable block number that started using the new crankshafts. I read in one place that it started around 044081A or really close to that number. I have been searching on ebay and other places to check out the fan blades. Just to verify here are some links of the motors I have been looking at. This one is the one I was looking at from canada cause it came with the rb25det trans. The fan blades on it are straight so would this make it an r32? http://www.ebay.com/itm/SKYLINE-GTR-JDM-RB26DETT-ENGINE-RB26-DETT-SWAP-RWD-RB25DET-SWAP-/270929425818?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f14a6f59a&vxp=mtr This is one from the place here local in Richardson and it has the curved fan blades and you can see the serial number as they wrote it on the cover. Is that for sure an r33? http://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-NISSAN-SKYLINE-RB26DETT-AWD-ENGINE-RB26-DETT-2-6L-240sx-180sx-silvia-SR20-/320861435214?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ab4d4f54e&vxp=mtr I plan on driving over there to the place in richardson either tomorrow or wendsday to look at what all they have. Iono if they have a problem with it but I was gonna write down some serial numbers off the ones that look nice. I can post the numbers over on aus site and have it checked by someone with the fast nissan program to make sure exactly what year and everything it came from. Thank you all for all your help! -Pat
  18. Ya I talked with rb26powered through pms and he explained the differences and everything to me, and told me his dealings with the canada jdm companies. I found those 2 places around the dfw area that imports them. One is in Richardson and the other right down the street from my house. Is there a way to tell what year the motor is from? I read that 92 and above they fixed the problem with the crank. What do I look for to tell if its a r32 or r33? I plan on going to check out what the 2 places have this week sometime and making a purchase by the end of this month. Thanks for all the info -Pat
  19. There is actually a guy on here that makes custom fiberglass door panels, he even has some with speaker holes. As far as finding some oem replacements your looking at dishing out some moola, unless you can get lucky in a junk yard or don't mind them not being perfect. Pete's name here on hybridz is rayven14 if you wanna shoot him a pm. Here is a link to the thread that has some pictures of his panels. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/101709-fiberglass-door-panels-wspeaker-holes/ -Pat
  20. Looks like a sweet project! Thats awesome you got all the original wheel blocks and everything still in the packaging, and the dash looks great. What are your plans for it as far as drivetrain goes? You gonna keep it auto or drop a 5 speed in there? -Pat
  21. I figured about 10 grand for my project but I am sure it will end up being more than that. I plan on keeping everything stock for the swap of the rb26 so I can just get it running with the stock ecu and everything. There is a place in canada that sells an rb26 with an rb25 tranny for 4k shipped and everything. In the long run I think this is gonna be the best route for me. Its not local like this other place is but they have what I want and they still have a warranty. I also don't know what I want to do yet. I can't drive but 1 vehicle at a time and right now I can drive a different one everyday of the week. I need to start selling stuff and quit buying! I will be making a f/s thread soon with ALOT of parts. From F54 blocks and p90 heads to z32 parts. I also have rust free fenders doors and rear hatch for s30. I need project funds! -Pat
  22. I wanna go for a ride in your car. I have seen it like 10 times now and still haven't even sat in it. Hurry up and swap! I had to order a new starter for my 73 240zt but at least I got the computer to recognize everything where I can actually tune on it. After I drop the new starter in next week im gonna go get in trouble
  23. Thanks guys! The motor is going into my series one 240 and will be a 2 year project (I hope not longer lol). I was also just thinking is there gonna be a sales tax on a used motor? If not that would be a hell of alot cheaper than ordering from anywhere and having it shipped. I actually thought about getting an rb25 just for the simple fact of the tranny, but an rb25 isn't my dream motor. I will just have to dish out the extra 800-1000 for the rb25 trans. I will be starting up a build thread for the car soon, once I start ripping it apart. -Pat
  24. I just called jdm motors here in Arlington and they quoted me around 3k for a complete rb26dett with rb26 awd trans. Comes with everything (uncut wiring harness ecu and all the goodies). Does that price seem legit? This place being local and not having to deal with shipping is a plus. Also if something was wrong with the motor being local it would be alot easier to get that taken care of. Just wondering if there was maybe a better deal out there I should wait for? -Pat
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