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  1. Hello all Im finally posting some documentation of my buddy's 72 S30 VG33 turbo swap. Well it all started when he calls me up one day telling me he's pulling a vg30 out of our local pick a part yard and wants to swap it into the Z. We tore the engine all down had it bored and built it all back up ready to boost again! We set the engine and trans in the car to figure out how to make our mounts. At that point we realized the turbo was going to interfere with the steering shaft, so he cut and jointed it to accommodate. Well as we sat around throwing different ideas back and forth he starts talking about custom headers. 2 days later I come back over and he's made custom headers and front mounted a gt35 turbo. Luckily with the steering shaft out of the way it fit a nice 3" downpipe straight out. There's still a few things to finish up and we're waiting on a harness but here's where the cars at so far.
  2. I happened to come accross one on ebay and I knew I would need it. It forget what brand it was. I know its not a felpro though.
  3. I always had a problem with those stupid cork gaskets. I went to a rubber one and never had a problem after that. I just use regular bolts.
  4. Why is it unbelievable!? If you've come to bash go somewhere else!
  5. Ok well then i'm probably ok cause thats exactly what mine does.
  6. actually some Honda and Toyota calipers are the same way.
  7. HAHAHA at first Ithought the speakers were air vents. lol
  8. Figured it out. My tank was loaded full of crap. I had to drop it and clen it all out. That did the trick. Thanks
  9. Yeah its at 12 when off but the minute I turn the key in the on position it peggs at 16v and the light comes on.
  10. OK tying not to thread jack but I have the same problem but I put an alternator from my 83 onto my 77. Should I just unplug my voltage reg? But I still dont understand why its pegged at 16v?
  11. I have a 77 S30 all stock and my fuel pressure will seem to slowly drop after about 30 mins of running. I'll turn the car off for about 10 mins and it will hop back up to where it is supposed to be. but then will start to fall away again after a minute or so. Could the fuel pump be bad? and once it gets hot from running it starts slow down? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  12. Update: I installed an aluminum fuel rail with adjustable fpr, new injectors. I blew air through the fuel filter to make sure it wasn't clogged and its good. What happens is a start i up and it runs fine for only a minute with great fuel pressure. Then it suddenly drops down to only about 8psi (as i had stated before) and will not reutrn to regular pressure. If I wait a an hour or so until everything cools down it does this all over again, great presure for only a minute. Could it be that the fuel pump is bad and once it gets hot from running it starts to slow down? By the way there is plenty of gas in the tank.
  13. I figured BSD, I was just being a smart a$$. lol ArmyZ, bring out your tapemeasure and just get some rough measurements to see how it will fit. Most likely it will fit pretty nice. The biggest thing you have to worry about is getting it mounted and your driveline angles. What power you plan to push through the car will depend of what rear end you'll go with. At the minimum the R200. Just be patient, and do it right and you'll have a one of a kind swap. Good luck.
  14. Yes the search function is awesome but for something that has never been done........
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