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  1. Congratulations....I have "watched" your progress here over the years. Having built my car back up from a rolling shell, I can share your excitement on sitting behind the wheel for the first time after years of hard work.
  2. I did mine using the process that has been discussed here and on ClassicZcar.com; using spray foam, SEM bumper repair products and SEM interior paint. Looked great when done, but started cracking shortly after I installed it...Still better than what I started with, but not perfect. I will admit, I may not have done it correctly and others may have better results, but one guy’s experience.
  3. Here is mine...Finally got her on the road this past summer after 4 years...built up from a shell. I did the flares back in 1980...
  4. Yes, I put it back together with all the screws. I will go pull a couple and see how it progresses. I have a new dash with no cracks, but it is a lot of work to switch them out. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I did this repair...it started cracking almost immediately and gets worse daily. I may not have done it correctly, but I followed the steps and used all SEM products. It looked great when finished. Having said that, the cracks are hairline, but growing, but still MUCH better than the starting point which was as bad as the dash in the first pictures. Worth doing and maybe you will have better results, but don't be surprised if your results are like mine. In retrospect, I would put more of the flexible filler in and less of the foam. Like make a channel so the filler can be thick
  6. And to think I pucker when I have to bunny hop a curb
  7. If this has been posted before, I apologize. I searched and did not see it. Not my car, just FYI... http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/1148044363.html
  8. Mine fit OK on the studs, but I had to notch the raised area around the access hole for the nut on top of the strut. The clearance hole in the bar seemed to be off by 1/4" or so. I installed it with the car on the ground, so maybe jacking it up would have helped some, since the issue was on the inside on both sides.
  9. Thanks John, I have always wondered what the heck that thing was for. The early Z's were a collection of kluges (I know it is a computer term, but it fits).
  10. Looking really good. Nice color. I've got to get to work on ours.
  11. I did double layers on the floor and in the doors. Single layers in the quarters. I did the floor since it was a large metal area and I had some left over. I did the doors because Rick at RaaMat suggested it; if I was going to use the doors for speakers. I also did two layers of foam in the doors (again rick's suggestion). Rick also suggests putting a layer of the Dynamat like material over the door next to the door panel. It is too sticky and messy for that (if you have to remove it), but I am going to put a layer of foam between the door and door panel. The is foam put ov
  12. Mine is not on the road yet...but install wise it was and is great. Has good reviews, really sticky. It passes the beat it with your hand test/comparison. Everyone is impressed... LOL
  13. I purchased 2 rolls of the Raamat and 5 yards of the ensolite and 3 cans of his spray glue (inexpensive and the best - buy it!). This allowed me to do the Z from the firewall to the rear lights (double thickness on the floors and in the doors), inside rear quarters. I did not do the roof.
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