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  1. Hello, Im looking for a COMPLETE and unmolested 75-78 280z wiring harness. Must be complete with all connections and relays. I need the body harness and dash harness. I prefer a 75 however any year will do. Let me know what you have.
  2. Looks like Im going to drop the transmission again then.
  3. Clutch was never removed during the swap process. I bleed the clutch by pushing the rod in the slave cylinder, then bleeding the master up top. I even tried the conventional pump method. No more air is coming out. What is the preffered way to check for air? Pretty sure there is no air but I could be wrong. Mine is the push type. I just went and got a slave from autozone that was specific to the 93 lt1 camaro donor car. The fork seems to just "bottom out" though. Isnt it suppose to have a "spring" feel to it? Could be something with the throwout bearing then?
  4. Hello, I recently completed an lt1 swap into my 240z. I had the complete donor 93 camaro before the swap. So I know it shifted fine before. However after the swap I cannot get the car to go into gear. What am I doing wrong? Autozone slave cylinder, custom stainless steel line, Wilwood 7/8 master cylinder. Everything is new. I Thought I had a faulty master and swapped for another one. No difference. There is no air in the system. I have been bleeding it for days. Basically the car goes into all the gears when the car is off no problem. However, when the car is on it wont go into gear. I even tried to adjust the pedal travel. I adjusted it for maximum throw but it makes a pretty bad noise when the clutch is pushed all the way down. I have since backed it out a little and it doesn't make the noise. I think something might be going on with the clutch fork. When I take out the slave cylinder and push on the fork it doesnt seem to move. But Im able to move the fork around rather sloppily side to side. Is it suppose to be like that? Any ideas on what I did wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. -Momo steering wheel (open to options) -steering Wheel hub adapter -Aftermarket gauges (let me know what you have). Or if you have OEM gauges that have been modified to work with an LT1 engine. -Fender mirrors -
  6. I am looking for a fuel injected gas tank from an early 260-280z. The clown shoe shaped one (not the twinkie looking one in late models). So cal is preferred but willing to make the drive. Call or text 949. two67- 8797
  7. Im def considering these for the widebody. They fit so well.
  8. Any ideas? Shouldn't increasing the bore size make the life of the master cyl longer? I mean, its not being used as hard? Thats a complete guess. Just thinking out loud. Any help is appreciated. I would like to eventually cam the motor, get a lightweight flywheel and better clutch so Id like whatever upgrade I do to last those modifications.
  9. Never did update this thread. Heres is what i ended up with. After 3 track days, im happy with it (for now). Added brake ducts and front splitter as well. with brake ducts- before the brake ducts - grill still hides everything when its not on track duty- mock up - brake ducts (while it was under construction) front spitter (still needs to be finished a bit better, i dont like the current fitment)- Ill get better pictures for you guys.
  10. As far as suspension?: Skyline r300 diff (3:70), 300zx cv shafts, 240sx rear caliper conversion, adjustable camber plates all the way around, modern motorsport coilovers, mr2 front shocks, 240z front shocks in the back, arp wheel studs and titanium lug nuts, wilwood front brakes, stainless steel brake lines, techno toy tuning front tension rods, zforce rear adjustable control arms, sportmax 17x8 front(235/45/17) and 17x9 back (255/40/14). Car has an LS1/t56 List goes on and on and on.
  11. haha not really. It does make clean up a little easier though. Ill just have to bite the bullit and get a custom bra made for it.
  12. This is awesome. Just sold my m50 powered e30 car (Im sure u know the m50 is based off the s50 with much less power). That car was a blast to drive. This though, this will be an absolute blast. Much respect for pulling it off. I know you will love it. Good job!
  13. I recently lost my master cylinder at a local time attack event (cant complain, 3 years of service in the car). I was running Wilwood part number 260-5920 (. 813 bore - link )and have had no issues until now. The fluid was always black in however (dont know what that means to be honest, but I have heard others have had this same issues). Anyway, now that im coming to replace the master again im wondering if i should going to a bigger inner bore (1 inch - link) would give me any kind of benefit? Or should I stick to the one I was using. Pedal feel was always soft (stock clutch) and I dont really mind it. Opinions, theories, experiences welcome.
  14. Thank you. Those might work. Also could u measure the gear sticking out for me? Thanks.
  15. I need a passenger side window regulator for my 75 280z. Must be from an early model with the early style doors. It looks like a 240z regulator but the gears come out furthur into the car. (I have a 240z one, that wont work). Please let me know if you have one, what the manufacture date on it is, pictures and how much shipping to 92627 costa mesa ca. Local pick up would be great though.
  16. haha forgot about that. yea it crossed my mind. But i came to my senses. Aziza is here to stay. Ill sell my wife before the car.
  17. Funny you mention that. At the shoot they mentioned they borrowed enrique iglesias jet (which i dont even think is a g6).
  18. I have received windshield wiper bottle looks great. Thanks

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