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  1. Didnt log it either times as it was so random dodnt have my laptop and by the time i have time to check it out its fixed. Tested with a test light but i doubt its a wire as its directly from the megasquirt with the purple wire in the diy harness. I actually think i checked it at the ecu also last tike it happened but that was a few years ago.
  2. Just took the z out for the first time since fall and a few miles into my trip it cut the fuel pump ground and the car died in a really crappy spot. Luckily a cop helped me push it to a lot for me to figure it out. Jumped the fuel pump relay to get it home and now a day later it works fine.? This has happened once before? Any ideas what setting or physical problem could trigger the ecu to do that?. It cuts out and wont turn back on until the car sits for a day.
  3. This is the third time my crank pulley bolt has come loose i torque it to spec every time and i use loctite?? Im at a loss never had this happen on anything before.
  4. All right so with hours of research. I'm nearly positive the transmission I will be getting is the 71e it's a 93 so it should have wider gears I would hope. Haven't found too much info on that or on gear ratios. But by the looks of the transmission online it looks like it is shorter than the 240sx trans by at least 2 inches. But a short throw shifter from a 240sx will n NOT work. Sadly I really wanted the b&m. But on a hardbody forum countless people have tried all 240sx short throws and the only one that could sort of work is the eBay one that's like 40 bucks and all you use is the new shifter rod. So I just think it's like swapping to a shorter shifter but not actually a short throw. The person I'm getting it from should have it pulled soon. I'm going to bring one of my 4 speeds and a spare driveshaft and clutch disk just to make sure that's all the same because I really can not find any definite answer on much of anything.. but if I can contribute to some info for another decent tranny swap that could potentially be cheaper than a 240sx trans I'll be happy. I'll keep y'all posted
  5. Good news new keyway fits in crank without any wobble . Got a new bolt and wasger from z car depot and the bolt is the same one and threads all the way into the crank. When its all installed should have 3/4 of an inch of thread in the crank
  6. Pulled my motor after work today. The crank key slot is slightly hammered open but i should be able to do something about that. Maybe just for everyones information. Obviously it makes total sense now that i realise what was going on. But ive had to change my ignition timing a few times in megasquirt by about 20 degrees each time. Could not even comprehend why or how. But when the pulley slides forward so can the timing gear on the crank thus rotating the dizzy shaft. Lol. Fml
  7. The old damper was loose as it the keyway slot got worn. Swapped it with another l28et one i had along with the thick washer but no lock washer as when i got this motor it seemed untouched and thats how the balancer was held on. I put the spare on exactly how i had the other one on and torqued it dry. I was driving across town on a very cold morning so no over heating as i was moving right along not just sitting there. Noticed my afr gauge started reading 7.5 and thought it was odd. Probably cause the car was running low on voltage as the alternator was not charging. Which i didnt notice or even care to look at. Parked it noticed blue haze cominf from hood. And the fan wasnt spinning. The pulley along with bolt and washer were hanging in the belt.. amazing. I didnt loose anything but the key. But the pulley chipped a big chuck off of the collar that goes over the crank and inside the seal. So im thinking it needs a lock washer possibly and that my bolt never actually tightened on the balancer it was just bottoming out? But im oulling y motor this week ill measure everything make sure its right.
  8. I dont know if you would call this failing. I mean they r just coming off as if i never even torqued them
  9. Hey everyone last year i noticed my harmonic balncer got loose so i took it off and put a spare one on and torqued it up with a new keyway. Problem solved right? Wrong. For the past few months ive been smelling oil and i couldnt find it anywhere. Then just a week a go i was driving and parked the car got out and noticed oil smoke out the engien bay. Turns our this harmonic balancer also got loose and actually broke off lucky it didnt hit something. I have not checked but i hope the leyway slot in the crank is ok. I plan to get another balancer and keyway but does anyone else have this issue. I will use loctite on the bolt this time but what is the torque spec cuz whatever the spec ive been using is obviously too little for my l28et i think it was around 130
  10. My late 74 260z window regulators are garbage i want to find a good used set somewhere online but i dont know if ony a certain few years will fit or if myabe all 280z omes will fit. Lemme know thanks
  11. Okay thanks. And so will a 4 speed bell housing still work with machining?? And i believe im looking at a 71E now. Both sites ive found for rebuilds say its a 71E it was just confusing. And so that one would still be strong enough also. I beat on my car but this tranny will probably never see more than 350 hp and im not even close to that yet
  12. Compared to the reasearch ive done this chart seems incorrect it says 240sx has a fs5w71h and the truck id be getting has a fs5w71e. Ughh i hate when info doesnt match. I always thought the 240sx was fs5w71c and the truck was a g boy oh boy. Sooo if the truck has a e will it fit and still be as strong. Also if theres a code to what each letters and numbers mean that i dont know please chime in and tell me
  13. Okay great and the gearing should be what you posted earlier right?? Now correct me if im wrong but my 4 speed trans housing will still work with machining correct? I hope. The article i read was unclear. Only mentioned 5 speeds
  14. Wow okay thanks everyone for the replies. Much apreciated. But none reallly answer my question aside from it being the same lenght as a 71b. As long as i can still use and machine an l series bell housing, use a short throw shifter ,still make a decently simple mount, it can handle more power than my 4 speed, and the gearing isnt too crazy cuz i do autocross. Then i really want to do this swap. Mainly just for a 5th gear. I cant stand driving at 4500 in 4th any longer lol. Kinda hard to find this information i wish nissan had their own chart for every transmission. It should be a fs5w71g if im correct and its out of a 2wd 93 with a ka24e. Can anyone confirm this or post up some info they might have?
  15. Will a 93 nissan gardbody 2wd fs5w71g 5 speed fit like a 240sx ka trans will. I want to machine the bellhousing of a l series 4 speed i have to make it fit. I can pick it up for cheaper than a 240sx trans and im gonna rebuild it while im at it. Im told it could work but is it just as strong and is the outside any bigger or longer??. Cant find any info on it. Thanks
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