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  1. Zero83

    Shifter Occasionally Gets Jammed

    give this a read, http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/81389-what-problem-my-gearbox-280zx-5-speed.html
  2. Zero83

    Shifter Occasionally Gets Jammed

    hm, idk man, let me do some looking around.
  3. Zero83

    My refreshed 240z seats

    very nice.
  4. Zero83

    Center console repair possible?

    Fiberglass resin and abs plastics work very well together, just use a mat fiber backing and it will literally be stronger in the repaired location than in original condition. I also like to use the mat fiberglass as apposed a roll because for some reason it just lays out flatter and wont curl on you. sand and paint with any combination of rattle can paint or rubberized bed liner is awesome, just test it on something else first for how much stippling it has after its dry. different brands, different end result.
  5. Zero83

    fuel float on fuel cell sinks need help

    Does it fill with gas?
  6. Zero83

    6x9 speaker panel dimensions 240z

    I put them directly behind my seats... Not in the lids to the tool boxes but in the wall of the tool boxes. Works great.
  7. Zero83

    Aftermarket Radio Install - 240z

    There are mounting brackets in my 240... run new wiring!! It will save alot of trouble. I used an after market Sony into a equalizer slash pre-amp out to my front and rear speakers And it also has a designated line out for the sub im currently installing.
  8. Got it fixed. Bad coil. Weird!!!!
  9. Installed new pertronix and new coil. Car ran fine on points prior to install. Won't start after installation. Nor will it start after i pulled the pertronix and put points back in. Im thinking the coil is bad even though its new and im getting some spark from it. Anyone done this install before? Need help plz!!!
  10. Zero83

    240z carbon fiber front bumper with alluminum

    Interested can i see better photos? If yes will send email address.
  11. Zero83

    3 core aluminum radiator

    Hey you dont still have the radiator do you?
  12. Yeah it is blue

  13. Wonder if we can get them in 16×9?
  14. Yes and no. Its probably a blown fuse but possible that its a loose ground. Go through. Your fuse box check all fuses. And clean all contact Points with contact Cleaner. If that dosent help start checking for loose or damaged wires. Also inspect your blinkers while your at it they could possibly be shorting out.
  15. Zero83

    engine help needed

    Ok guys thanks im going to swap out for an electric Fuel pump and hope for the best.