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  1. Ended up building a fresh engine but might consider another set of flattops for a backup engine if they are cheap enough.
  2. Bump, still looking for flat tops.
  3. I've been racing 24 hours of Lemons with my 280Z. The cooling system has been great but we have noticed oil pressure dropping at higher RPMS a few hours into the race. We're running 15w40 but i'm thinking the oil is getting too hot and thinning out. Changing the oil after the first days helps with pressure but I plan on installing an oil cooler for our next race to see if that helps. Figure it can't hurt. We also have six 14 hour races on the bone stock engine and its been holding together ok.
  4. Our lemons car with Drag DR-54 wheels 15x7.5 with zero offset from Discount Tire Direct. The centers are actually a darker shade of bronze then the outer lip. We also have them in black and gold.
  5. Looking for a set of flat top pistons out of a 81-83 Datsun 280ZX 2.8L engine. I'm trying to put together a cheap high compression motor for our Lemons Car.
  6. Yes, I eventually got a hold of the vendor and they shipped me the correct rear struts and let me keep the other ones. I had already installed the 240Z struts with a piece of pipe so i kept them in the car and did 3 races on those before swapping in the correct ones. Only reason I swapped in the correct ones is because I had the rear suspension apart anyway. Over all I'm happy with the setup and its held up well.
  7. Sounds like they sent you 240Z shocks for the rear. What part number did you get? Below should be the correct ones. #552205 240Z rears #552206 260-280Z rears
  8. I don’t have any new pictures since the car is kind of an eye sore but our team quad drove it for one autocross then dual drove it for 3 others. Over all we only put maybe a 1000 miles on it but so far so good. We plan to race Chump Car with it this coming Aug so hopefully I will have some more feedback after.
  9. I say it dropped just over an inch. I didn’t really pay much attention to how much since I was more interested in the spring rates. I can take some measurements from the fender to the center of the wheels if that helps. Just note that the car is gutted, with a race seat, and a cage but still all the A/C components. Here is a picture from last month’s autocross before I did the suspension. Wheel gap is pretty big. This is right after in installed the springs and lowered it back on the ground. It has settled some since
  10. Sorry for the late update. I was able to get a hold of John and he was able to sort everything out. The part numbers on the Stagg and brandcarparts sites were indeed mixed up but he was able to have it fixed the following day. Over all the ride is firm but not bouncy and the springs and shocks feel like they are well matched. This setup made a big difference at last weekend’s autocross and over all its working out nicely. For reference here are the correct applications. #552204 fronts for 240-280z and come with both gland nuts. #552205 240Z rears #552206 260-280Z rears
  11. Yes I saw that they had the 552206 listed but as the front right shock only? I emailed Brand and Stagg along with leaving a voicemail for Stagg. So far no word back but its been less then 24 hours. I'm hoping they just mixed up all the numbers. The old gland nuts fit the new shocks fine and everything is tight with the spacer.
  12. Alright, another update. Stagg shows #552205 listed for the front and #552204 for the rear. Also their website lists the same part numbers for the 240Z-280Z. I mentioned that the rear was too short but after I removed the front shocks I noticed the front Stagg ones were too long. Based on the part numbers on the boxed and on the shocks this is how they should go. 2 top shocks are front and 2 bottoms are rear. Now if I switch them around the Stagg 552204 fit the front perfect. It came with a large and a small gland nut in the box and the larger one fit. The 552205 is still 2” s
  13. Ended up ordered a set of shocks and springs for my 280z Chump Car. Just started on the back and noticed the rear shocks are 3" shorter then the originals and did not come with any spacers. Can't find a phone # for brandcarparts.com but I sent them an email to see if they forgot to send the spacers. Going to start on the front and see if I have any other issues.
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