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  1. Hey guys, Thought I'd revive this long forgotten thread. I came across this thread about about 6 months ago and it really got me curious, to the point where I couldn't sleep at night with my brain going a million miles an hour thinking about the differant ways to do these strange grooves. So I finally found this thread again, then looked up popular science, found the article on their web site and had a good read. (if anyones interested here's the link, great story http://www.popsci.com/cars/article/2004-09/obsession-mr-singhs-search-holy-grail ) Halfway through the article it talks about how he patented this idea and gives you the patent number, so I then looked up the US Patent Office, did a quick seach by patent number and whahlaa, some of his drawings are there and a full explination of how this design works. Anyway I couldn't believe my luck at actually finding what I needed on the net, so the punchline to this story is that I took the head off my L18 yesterday to do some minor port work and replace the timing chain but now I'm going to try this idea out and see what differance it makes. For anyone who's interested keep an eye on this thread, I will post pics and do a write up of how the 510 goes after this mod. Cheers. Nick
  2. Sounds unreal on the "first start up" vid, very I'mpressed, I'm building my rb30 at the moment, single cam head though. Your engines a work of art Nick
  3. yeh thats what I thought, while the engine is running you'd always have a vacuum before the turbo because you'd still have all your intake air going through there even before the turb spooled up, whether that air was being used by the engine or not doesn't matter as long as there is that vacuum. I'll check out the skyline stuff too, thanks for your thoughts lads Nick
  4. Finally worked out how to post pics, this is me and my way better looking half, on the ferry one the way down to Tasmania last x-mas (took the 1600 (510) as the Z is still grounded) A shot of my part of the house (shed) and cruisen in Tassie
  5. Hey Guys, Sorry if this has been covered before, I did search for a few days. I am building an NA RB30 with a t3/t4 running about 5psi and adding 2 extra injectors so as not to lean out, just wondering how the positive pressure in the intake minifold of a turbo'd engine will effect the vacuum controls for the heater/aircon sys. Will they work in reverse? I could maybe tap the vacuum from before the turbo? How are you guys that have turbo engines getting around this. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Nick
  6. How do I post pics? any tricks? i"m trying to drag and drop into the text "quick reply" box, no good though
  7. Careless, I have also experienced the same "attitude" towards simple requests and have had to find things out the hard way, that said I have also received some really helpfull info off a select few. So if you need somone to ring around Aussie stores or if you can't get somthing let me know. Cheers Nick
  8. No thanks inlawz, the point of this thread was to figure out if I could convert my manual one to an auto, thanks heaps anyway. Nick
  9. aaaah well, can't blame a guy for trying. Will be interested to see you pix when your sump is being done, I have been thinking about getting mine water cut about half an inch up from the bolt lip right around it, then turning 180 degrees and rewelding the two halves to an adapter plate (because it isn't symetrical). Don't know whether to mess about with that idea or just get a CRS one, very pricey though. Good luck. Nick
  10. Hey RIPSNZ, if I read correctly you are making a custom sump? If so what might you be doing with the old one? Is it already a rear sump? I would definately be interested in it if it is a rear sump and you aren't going to use it. Cheers. Nick
  11. 73 240Z, californian kit with g-nose, metalic purple, building RB30ET at the moment, going to be an auto for practicality (and it's for the missus) found some mint black leather porsche seats, planning a leather centre console, new dash with white faces and custom door skins, I have given myself 3 months to finish it (may not happen), when my girl saw it she said four words, I WANT THAT CAR. Bought it for $5000 (he was askin $7500) already sprayed and with an L26 with extractors and round tops init, sold the L for $300 and that paid for the RB, all seems to easy so far with the help from you guys and the castlemain rod shop, waiting for a snag. Nick
  12. Nice vid mate, I used to drive on the great ocean road years ago, just wish I was still in the area now I have a Z, Nicely made to with the music and camera work. Well done. Nick
  13. whats your set up going to be like careless? what pistons,rods and cams you using? You know what compression your going to get? and what sort of turb you going to have? I don't want anything really laggy. I'm still unsure on how far I wanna work mine. Cheers. Nick
  14. Finally got the little b#*stard off, Rob I did you idea and it worked a treat. I had to give it quite a few big hits but I ended up being able to slide it off with a tyre iron after it cracked, wish I had known that before ruining my oil pump. aah well it's off now so the crank is out and the front cover/oil pump. Now the blocks ready for an acid bath, bore and hone, deck and tunnel hone. Then I get to start putting things back in, I'm a bit worried about setting the cam timing back up but I'll do some research on this site and ask some stupid questions when things come up. Thank you all very much for your help it made all the differance, from the sound of it a few people may have learned a couple of things from this thread so thats always good. Cheers again. Nick
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