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  1. junglist

    Plug and Play Dapper Lighting LED Tails (NEW VIDEO)

    I would be interested in a set of Z1 as long as they are close to the $275 and are classy looking.
  2. Do you still have the turbo oil feed Tee fitting to the oil sending unit and engine block

  3. junglist


    Well, I'm looking at it from my perspective which is attempting to rebuild and retro-mod an entire car all at one time and due to that sometimes the pricing of certain parts makes them out of reach due to trying to build an entire car. You of course cannot buy brand new mustache bars, but you can get a used one, blast it and powdercoat it for significantly less than a new one from Kameari and functionally its the same thing. I personally cannot control fluctuating currency and I have to look at things as a person currently living in the USA with no other way of buying parts than ordering them from the USA with USA dollars. I know its not Kameari's fault that prices are high because of exchange rates. However, it is not the end user's fault in the USA that due to those exchange rates some of their parts prices are somewhat unreasonable for what the part is. I personally don't try to do things half-assed at first only to have to re-buy the same parts later. Sometimes it happens and sometimes I have to make do with what I can afford for a certain thing. Am I running a used $80 280ZXT turbo manifold rather than a $1300 Greddy manifold, you bet I am...however I did buy a brand new Garrett turbo and brand new Greddy BOV and brand new Tial wastegate. I've bought all of my suspension components from aftermarket companies in North America such as Modern Motorsport and Techno Toy Tuning because they are high quality, proven and reasonably priced. Would I love to be able to go to Japan and buy up all of the amazing aftermarket Japanese parts that I need? Hell yes. I would do that in an instant if I could afford that.
  4. junglist


    Its hard to justify the cost for certain Kameari items such as a R200 mustache bar which is basically a stock piece with the poly bushings for $400+ when you could get the same setup for less than $100. A thermostat for $100+ makes no sense. Some of the suspension pieces like the steering knuckles for $500 you can get from Arizona Z Car for $200 for the same quality. The control arms are $850 and you can get billet ones from Arizona for $600 or similar ones from Techno Toy for $350 just like the "pillow tension rods" which are $775 but Techno Toy sells awesome ones for $225. However, Kameari makes some great motor parts which no one else makes and they are definitely worth the money when you can afford them. Edit: In the end, its GREAT that there are still companies making such a breadth of performance parts for such an old car. It'd be terrible if they stopped.
  5. junglist

    Turbo Mani, Turbo Inj, Turbo Clutch and more!

    I'll take the clutch if the sale falls through. I've been waiting for someone to sell a Spec clutch forever.
  6. junglist

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    Go to my post here to see a side by side comparison of the 17" RBR's next to 16" RB's: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/57565-rota-rbrb-r-4x1143-17-z-offset-wheels/page__view__findpost__p__853897 Maybe soon I can take shots of them actually on a car for comparison purposes.
  7. junglist

    Yellow Aftermarket springs for 240Z The Rears

    I have a full set of used Eibach 240Z springs I'd sell. Send me a PM.
  8. junglist

    WTB: Steering knuckle

    Anyone else have one they are willing to let go of for cheap?
  9. It looks great. How high off the ground did you have the car? Did you lay underneath it to blast it? How long did the actual blasting process take you?
  10. I've seen Z's with Z32 calipers. I have a set myself, just didn't feel like getting the brackets made to adapt them. They are the same calipers that the Subaru WRX Group N uses...obviously just saying Nissan instead. Should be a pretty nice setup.
  11. junglist

    My 240 SR20 Build

    Looking good, man.
  12. junglist

    Installing custom fuel lines

    Where are you getting your adel clamps? Something special or just what you can pick up at Home Depot/Lowes? Are you going to just use self-tapping screws?
  13. junglist

    Rims, l28, 440cc injectors, emblems etc

    I have a set of stock 280ZX turbo injectors, send me a PM.
  14. junglist

    WTB: Steering knuckle

    I need a passenger side steering knuckle from a 240Z. I don't know for sure if the 260's or 280's had the same or different steering knuckles although they probably did. I'm only looking for the passenger side. Mine is bent from a previous owners fender bender and I only found that out after taking it to the machine shop to have it drilled out for my custom tie-rods. I'll pay via paypal and cover shipping to my house in 20152. Let me know if you have one for me, thanks.
  15. junglist

    JDM -Old School Pics

    Ha, I think I posted some pics of my roadster's and some other stuff in that thread. I used to be a hugely active member on Honda-Tech. Join date in 2000!