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  1. Check out OSCS's Twin a Turbo LSX Datsun 280Z build in LS1tech.
  2. I'm jealous, I work out of state far too much of the year, I'd love to be able put the time into messing around with my cars. HPTUNERS has been sitting in a box next to my cam in the living room since April:(
  3. Get some numbers together and put it on Gen 4 external engine, I'm sure you would have some interest. What ecm are you using to control the dual injectors?
  4. I'll have to say it again, damn! Amazing work. Have you posted any info on your intake at LS1tech? I would bet guys would be knocking your door down for one of those. I need to get a mill and a syncrowave:)
  5. That intake is sick, tell us a little about it. Runners, injector bosses etc
  6. OP My 280 LS1/T56 cost around $11k That was with me doing all the work and while not cutting corners, being budget minded on everything purchased.
  7. I'm sure it's been covered on LS1tech I built my own mounts to fit the f body layout but I believe the JCI kit fits as well.
  8. My bad you have a LT, you might get a little more guidance in the I and II forum. Nonetheless the process should be similar, get the Z wiring diagram (available somewhere on this site) and track down the needed inputs from the car harness to the GM ecm. Break it down to individual circuits, start, accessory, ground etc and it'll be easier than you expect.
  9. Its really not that bad if you break it down into manageable sections and not try to take it all in at once. I think I used the site ukcats suggested, it is a good write up. I even made my own VATS box and the car fired right up once I had power and fuel.
  10. Thanks for posting the results, too many times we don't get an update on the fix.
  11. Don't the Magnums have multiple shifter mounting locations?
  12. VATS will let it turn over and fire for a few seconds and it sounds like it has run in the past. 2x on the bad wire, terminal, starter, battery etc
  13. Amazing work. I am an LS guy but I alway check the L6 section just in case this thread is updated.
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