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  1. Just wanted to throw in a good word for you. This man made me a custom spacer that bolted up perfectly on both ends on the first try and was made exactly the way I asked. It even looks pretty. Would recommend to friends.
  2. That is super badass. Where did you get that done if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Alright alright, I know that low impedance injectors are a tiny bit faster than high impedance. I was just making sure you didn't wire them straight into the MS like you would with high z injectors. That'd be a good way to run too much current through your board.
  4. You're running resistors for each of those low impedance injectors right?
  5. I think I'll pass on those hinges. GLWS though,
  6. Have door hinges and latches in good condition?
  7. These are awesome. I would totally get them if I wasn't trying to buy a house right now! GLWS
  8. Well I hate to be technical, but the turbo isn't part of the engine. Either way PM me if you change your mind.
  9. Willing to separate turbo and turbo manifold from engine? specs on turbo? Would also be interested in FMIC setup and coolant/oil lines for turbo.
  10. my opinion is that since the wiring is already in place and you're not afraid to get an ms2 running there is no need to get ms3 pro. The pro and MS3X are essentially the same computer with the same features, just that the pro will not require any internal modification to work with whatever application, it is smaller, it is pretty much waterproof, and it has slightly different wiring labeling.
  11. Or... Since you're going to need a Megasquirt in the future to run that RB30 you might want to just get an MS3X and go full sequential injection and COP. That way when you do switch to the new engine the engine is the unknown and not the engine AND the EMS. That's what I'm doing and so far I'm glad I am. There are a ton of little things I wouldn't want to have to sort out while second guessing the hardware.
  12. Hey guys, I was searching the internet far and wide trying to find a figure for dead times on my injectors and I found a cool website that other people will probably find useful. http://injector-rehab.com/shop/lag.html These are probably not going to be exactly the same as your injectors, so if you're feeling adventurous you can measure your actual individual injector dead times using this page here: http://www.msextra.com/doc/ms3/injdeadtime.html Hope this helps somebody.
  13. Would you be able to make a custom spacer for use between a manifold designed for a 90mm Q45 throttle body and a 240sx throttle body? Also would need a hole for a GM IAT sensor.
  14. It seems pretty unlikely since this was posted almost a year ago...
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