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  1. magneto198

    Door seals weatherstrip, I found a set that works

    Those are the same part numbers MSA has listed on their site for their weatherstrip kits. I'm assuming they all come from the same place.
  2. magneto198

    A big thank you - 240 LS Conversion

    Hey Mikey303LSZ, what R200 did you put in your Z? Was it the non turbo Z31?
  3. magneto198

    Chrome Fiberglass bumpers. Any one done?

    That's pretty amazing.
  4. magneto198

    71 240z 18 months of work.

    This is the most amazing restoration I've seen!
  5. magneto198

    Dash options

    Full Face Dash Cover made from ABS plastic and wont crack. $110. Just use the preexisting hardware under your existing dash. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08d04/50-2043
  6. Looks like Evo seats. What did you do to get them to fit?
  7. magneto198

    '72 240z w/ Recaro Evo 8 seats

    Looks like these are the seats to get.
  8. magneto198

    Seat swap list for s30's

    Seems like all the nonreclinable seats fit easily.