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  1. How are you able to run that much lift without bind?
  2. Picked up a recently rebuilt L24 and E31 head. Block bored slightly. Head rebuilt to stock specs. Plan to run triple DCOE 40s w/ Mallory Unilite ignition. Would like to upgrade cam without doing additional work to the head. What cams would work with stock springs/lift?
  3. Once the engine is out of the car I will post it for sale.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys! Besides the alternator, any other accessory parts to the l28et motor that are a worthwhile upgrade to the l24?
  5. I am swapping out my L28et for a rebuilt L24 w/ triple webers. A head-scratcher for most but, nonetheless, the direction I want to go with the car. Looking for any prior experience/guidance on making the swap back to NA. I did some searching but no luck. The turbo set up is out of an 83 ZXT. Swap was done in the early 2000s by a shop in Illinois. Not particularly comfortable with electrics so, the wiring harness is of particular concern.
  6. Want to get rid of the OEM fuel rail. Please let me know if you have fuel rails for the stock injectors for a L28et. Closer to NJ the better but will pay for shipping if price makes sense.
  7. Looking for a TPS and MAF for my l28et.
  8. I have been working on resurrecting my '72 240z w/ l28et conversion. In the past two years the car has come a long way. Due to lack of time and/or lack of expertise I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction on the following items remaining on my restoration to-do list: 1. Installation of interior control panel 2. Install of radio and speakers 3. Install of sound deadening 4. Fender roll or install of fender flares 5. Troubleshoot ignition/fuel issue (fairly certain it's a bad TPS) I'm in north/central jersey. If anyone has a trustworthy and reasonably priced
  9. Interested. PM me with photos and pricing when you can.
  10. Gents: First, my apologies for another tire/wheel fitment thread. That said, I need some assistance. Have a '72 240z on Eibach Springs. I do not believe the shocks are stock but am not certain. Regardless the car rides about 1-1.5" lower than stock. I have searched and searched for some consensus on whether a 225/50 tire will fit with THIS set up. Some threads make me think yes, others no. I am looking for any suggestions or advice (pictures are a plus). I plan to roll the fender lip. To my mind, there is no question the tire will stick out of the fender a touch. The questio
  11. Getting the Z out of paint this week. Need to get rid of the stock J-pipe. Have become somewhat familiar with the various options for intercooler setup. I do not plan to run a ton of boost but also, refuse to have the j-pipe. Looking for full intercooler setup with piping, BOV, etc., if possible. Located in the North NJ area.
  12. Did a quick search and did not find anything concrete. Have sourced Recaro Evo 8 seats. Has anyone installed these into their car? If so, any insight into fitment issues and bracket work. I know that the 240 can present a narrow space for an aftermarket seat. Any info is appreciated. Cheers, Ian
  13. I would be in if this materializes. +++ Edit: Strike that. I am looking to get RkRs but in the 15x8 size. Should have read more carefully.
  14. Still in need of zx engine compartment components for the AC. Anyone?
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