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  1. Godzilla Raceworks did the machining work for me last year (2021) for $125. Shipping from CA to Texas and back was $130. I used a 4-speed housing and the cost to drill and weld on a bung was $150 so I did not use their service for this work. It took a couple of months to get it back due to COVID-19 so plan accordingly.
  2. The original 280Z mount will work.
  3. Perhaps this is what you’re looking for: https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/z-type-3-transmission-crossmember-ka-transmission
  4. Wow, the dash looks great. The gauges are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Did you have to cut the holes for the cigarette lighter and the emergency light switch? And is your car 72 or 73? Thanks, Huy
  5. I have a set of MM billet ZXT CV adapters that I do not need for awhile. Please send me a PM if you are interested. Huy I ordered the machined adapters on may 25th and shipped my cores. The cores got to MM on june 6th. After several attempts to get an update I heard nothing and was forced to dispute the transaction with paypal. That has since been settled and I have still heard nothing from MM. Send me a pm when you get a chance with price and shipping to 27703. Thanks.
  6. Contact MSA: http://www.thezstore.com They do not show some of the parts online but you can find them in their catalog. I bought a few hard brake lines from them a few years ago. Give them a call.
  7. Thanks John. I am going to take the housing to one of the shops in Pasadena that did some work for me back in the late 90's next week. If they can't do it, I guess Marcos and I will have to drive to Lake Elsinore. Marcos, are you up for a fishing trip?
  8. Marcos (Hybrid240Z) and I have been looking for a machine shop near our area (Los Angeles) that is willing to machine our Z32 bell housings for a resonable price. If you know of someone in/near the LA area that can do this kind of work, please point us to him. Thank you, Huy
  9. Big Phil, I think the brake dics are not the correct ones. With this swap (using Maxima calipers and brackets), there will be a gap between the calipers and the brake center hubs. The correct discs for this swap are the 1984-85 300zx non-turbo, non-canadian rear rotors, and they need to be turned to a diameter of 11.225 + - .025 (any brake shop can do this for you for less than $10 each). These are the same dics used for the 240SX rear disc brake swap sold by MM. When the correct dics are used, all of the pads will be on the dics. I think "Auxillary" posted a link recently on where to get these discs for cheap. The beauty of this swap is that it will fit under most 14' wheels (slotted mags) which does not apply to your case. Hope this helps, Huy
  10. The 240SX rear brake is a nice swap and MM puts together a great kit. However, if you are planning on keeping the 14' slotted mags (most models) and certain 14' wheels, it won't fit. Go with 15' wheels or larger if you want to go this route. Huy
  11. Yep. I purchased the same gasket from MSA a couple of months ago and it fits well. They usually have it in stock so give them a call.
  12. There is a possibility that you mount the moustache bar the wrong way. Could you post a picture of how it is mounted? You may need to get a custom drive shaft since you are running a RB combo. I hope some RB experts will chime in here. About the differential flange, R200's from 1975 280Z have rectangular output shafts. You can get a square output shaft from another R200 (not 75 280Z) and it should fit fine. Some of the R200's have round output shafts and they should work as well.
  13. The mustache bar bushing kit from Energy Suspension has the same WASHERS for the top and the bottom. The kit that is sold by MSA (Prothane?) has bigger diameter washer for the top. I used both kits before and I can tell you that the inner metal sleeves are the same for both of them. The inner metal sleeves are straight tubes, not taper, for both kits.
  14. YEP. What aux. said above. My 73 was rolling around without the rear end, half shafts, drive shaft, and rear brakes for awhile.
  15. I used to run a set of 14X7 -6 offset slotted mag with 195/60/14 tires and they were every close to rubbing the front fenders. I never ran into any problem because the car was not lowered. If you plan on installing 205/60/14 tires on the -9 offset wheels on a lowered Z, I think they will rub just a little bit. Rolling the fenders should solve the problem. Did he have a -9mm offset?
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