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  1. I had mine painted exactly one year ago. Body work was mainly door dings with one exception, a watermelon size dent in RR panel. I REALLY got a bunch of bids. Maybe a dozen or more, but more important was getting a feeling for the shop I would be dealing with. Prices were from about $2500 to $5000. With me doing some of the chrome and trim removal. I was in no hurry and after getting bids for many months I selected a shop that had several nice looking paint jobs on the floor. They were also very hungry for business. End result was body work and 2 stage paint for $3000. I also was notified
  2. Not much in San Jose what you might call "touristy". You might try Santana Row, which is made to look like a European street. Many locals go there on weekends, trendy, and many restaurants and a hotel. Maybe a little too commercial for a secluded dinner, but many outdoor places again like european bistros. Maybe San Jose's version of SF pier 39 or Monterey's cannery row. Nice secluded but expensive place in Almaden, La Foret restaurant. About 10 mi. so. of downtown. hope this helps. http://www.santanarow.com/concierge/tourists/
  3. I am in San Jose but have never heard of any place that rents Z's. If you guys have any other information, I would check it out for you. Let me know.
  4. One thing I forgot to mention is that most new 2 way speakers have the tweeter in the center which rises above the the perimeter. They are supposed to be top mounted so that the speaker grille sits on the outside of the interior panel of the car. I mounted my speakers in back of the panel and used washers to further space the speaker in back of the panel so the tweeter was closer to being flush with the interior panel. My installation did not use the speaker grilles but used the original holes that were in the panel to let the sound out. There is a slight bulge in the interior panel tha
  5. I just finished making my own speaker bracket. I posted for a used one here with no results. Finally I just traced the original one on a scrap of plastic from TAP Plastic ($1). After about 1/2 hr of sabre saw and drilling holes a match was made. By the way several comments were made here about the poor placement of the speakers, near the extreme rear of the car and facing each other, but I found that overall sound is not hampered at all. And besides the placement in back of the plastic panels is clean looking. The only problem is if you don't have an original bracket to get a pattern from
  6. I wouldn't be able to get in or out of the Z with those seats
  7. at-jeff, It may have been a Prizm, not sure. I've been looking of pics of Metros on the net and can't see any trim that looks like mine. Prizm pics show trim but not close enough to compart to mine. Anyway the most difficult part to cover are the bolts in the rear bumper and bumper guards. Make sure you go to a pic & pull with a tape measure and just start your search. I must have pulled parts of trim off of 10 cars before I found the right one. I believe 1 1/4"-1 3/8" should do it. BUT you will find that there is quite a difference in their flexibility. The rear corners re
  8. I replaced the 4 rubber bumper pieces on my 240. They were so dry that clothing would get black from rubbing against them. I found the correct width on a Geo in a wrecking yard. I used the 4 pieces, one from each door to do the four bumper corners. Each of the pieces has a finished end for a nice look. 3M two sided tape does a great job. before installing I bent each piece to approximate the curve of the bumper and let them sit overnight in the curved form. Actually other rubber trim I also tried didn't bend and hold it's shape as the one I eventually used. Non Z owners wouldn
  9. Hi, I have the same problem with a weatherstrip kit from Black Dragon. Window rubber OK but doors and hatch won't close. I found a decent 240 part out with good rubber and will be pulling new out and replacing with old. BD rubber does not even look close to orig. I'll try to post pics. of the two.
  10. Call me cheap but, I was at Home Depot and spotted what I think is roofing paper that is used for the 1st layer of a roofing job. A few days before I was looking at Dyanmat type material and the Home Depot product looked very similar. The roofing stuff comes in a 6" wide roll I think 25' long for about $20. The audio mat stuff can be very expensive. Anyway since my car was torn apart I put some of the home depot stuff in the doors and on the inner rear quarter panels. (basically places where it won't be visable). The car seems quieter, but as yet I haven't got it put together and on the road.
  11. Does anyone have a speaker bracket for sale? Mine was located at the right rear of my 240, near the antenna.
  12. OK here's what I am trying to do-I have removed orig. seat belts from my '71 240z. I have found retractors from I think a 260/280 and they are mounted above the rear 1/4 windows (where the originals were removed from). They have no belt material in them. I want to get rid of the old style belts that have the lap belt attached near the door sill and then are attached to the shoulder belt at the latch. I have obtained all the parts and nylon belt material to convert the seat belts into 2 anchor system like on newer cars. This is where the belt is anchored in 2 places and the piece th
  13. Well I am putting my 240 back together after paint. I can't remember the correct positioning of the FRONT side marker lenses. Looking down from the top of the front fender, does the thicker part of the lens face front or rear? The rear lenses look correct with wide part facing rear, but the fronts to me look ok both ways. thanks
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