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  1. I respect that figure, I'll be able to do that a few years down the road. Hybridz is definitely bookmarked on all my pc's
  2. AWESOME! (If you want to sell it down the road hit me up )
  3. I think the next Z I buy will one one that has had a frame-up. You can always get money, time on the other hand is something there's never enough of.
  4. It's time to rebuild my stock E88 head and (will talk to a mechanic) if it would be cheaper for my to buy a rebuilt on off ebay ~300-400 than to have him do it. Would there be a noticeable difference on a NA L6 on pump gas?
  5. My '74's 4-speed is dying and I would like to replace it with a 5-speed. I found one off a 1977 280z for $150 (it says freshly rebuilt). Will it be a direct swap-out? (It comes with the clutch, flywheel, and master cylinder). Thanks in advance, Buma
  6. Can you pm me what you have and how much you are looking to get for it? I am not interested in it in anyway,kiwinelson9879, I'm not trying to steal your find. Just looking into the same idea, I would rather buy someone else's hours than my self on my 260, there's much more work involved with my car than I was lead to believe, so I'd like to upgrade sometime too
  7. Could be electrical, if everything shuts off at once. Check the connection to the coil, the distributor, the ignition box (if the 280 has one, my 260 does). Hope this helps give you ideas as to what to look at.
  8. Thanks, I needed that info too!
  9. I love this car, it will be a reference one for mine
  10. Autozone has great scans. Here's a link to the general area: http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/1d/1d/80/0900823d801d1d80/repairInfoPages.htm
  11. So what is going to be made? Rear-diffuser? (please:)?)
  12. Check the timing and see if it is advancing properly.
  13. I have some recaro racing seats in my 260 (a previous "restorer" put them in) and the plastic lower housings of the seatbelt thingy's had to be cut to fit the wide base of the seat.
  14. I see, so a 5 speed out of anything '79+ is best?
  15. Whats the diff between the two 5-speeds? I think I saw someone say T5, but what's the other one? Why do people want the T5 one?
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