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  1. Six_Shooter, DAW, do either one of you still have a spoiler that mattb3562 did not buy?
  2. To clarify, mine was exhibiting the poor idle (idle sticking at high rpm) condition when it was not hooked up. PO had removed some of the harness so I just wired it to 12V when ignition was on. This closes the valve so it no longer controls idle in anyway but is different that not being hooked up at all.
  3. Nice. Glad to hear you got it sorted. I have heard of the carbon contact wearing a groove so that contact is broken during the flapper sweep but the fact that yours was clocked is odd. All is well that ends well.
  4. I have a 280z so I am not sure about the addition of the turbo to the troubleshooting. I had a very similar problem in that my car would run if I also introduced unmetered air to offset the rich condition but mine ended up being a bad wire connection from CTS to ECU. But you have ruled that out. So.....I need to think some more.
  5. I am new to Z''s but was having similar idle issues. For me it was the Boost Controlled Deceleration Device. I ended up hooking mine up to a 12v source that was only on when the car was on which effectively closed it. Solved my problem.
  6. To confirm, are you checking resistance directly on the CTS or at the ECU connector?
  7. Think I am covered. They should be in the mail today.
  8. Looking for the interior door panel for the driver's side door for a 75 280Z. email me: jminer84@gmail.com
  9. Looking for 240Z Strut mounting insulators (qty. 2) or 280Z fronts would work. email me: jminer84@gmail.com
  10. I am looking to buy lowering springs for my 280Z that is riding high since it went on a diet and shed some weight. email me: jminer84@gmail.com
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