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  1. I think there is no clear answer to this topic title. But in general I would say yes. You can look @ Formula 1, who's trying to get the maximum out of the block. From V12 to V8 now, the have lost hp and torque, because have to do with less cylinders.
  2. More cilinders is a smoother running engine. Look for instance at BMW V12. But I guess it al depends on the purpose of the build. Like the V12 Merlin Airplane Engine ( Spitfire e.d ) is a rough running engine, but delivers massive torque. I think the friction is irrelevant, maybe a loss of a few hp. You can't say more cilinders is more power. Because the bore and stroke can variate. You can have 4 liter V12 engines, and 11 liter V8 engines.
  3. I have to say, with all older cars, even if it's a standard motor, here in this climate they all run best with thicker oils. And climate here in NL, is about the same as in New York region.
  4. Could put some more welds here GMAC..... Just use Rhino liner or por15 for floors...
  5. Yep, Rotary, less moving internal parts, than piston. But if you want to go for a screaming piston engine, and top end power. It's 90% about the heads " breathing capacity " and 10% block part. Most important here is the short stroke and high compression ratio. You also want a good fuel mixture, notice " stand off injectors " on F1... The rest... all engine parts have to be lightened the most as possible.
  6. The RB series is a totally different engine, than an american V8. The characteristics are totally different to. V8 is all torque, and with more displacement comes more HP. Still the american V8 has bad HP to engine size, compared to Euro or Jap cars.
  7. Yeah, But there are many brands... Mainly here, it are all roots superchargers available here, and I hate that lol. Yes, I would prefer to drop a V8 RWD conversion in my calibra, but the gas prices are insane.
  8. Okay, sorry! The injectors are available enough here. It's the supercharger that aint. There is a Ford mustang garage in the village here, so I can ask what superchargers they have for me. I could go with the 16V, but since the head is bigger, a V8 supercharger is quite big though, and have to fit it, in the engine bay of the calibra. 16V engines, are not so expensive either. But I love the characteristics of the 8 Valve. I've calculated that my Calibra needs 365 HP roughyl, to reach 300 km/h, with a 6 Speed gearbox, from LET engine. But I want about 500 hp from the crank. Thnx tyler and mag for the advice so far!
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