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  1. Samurai, i just moved to NOLA. C&C is that at the NOLA motorsports park? Sundays? Beautiful car.
  2. I think we should start documenting with pictures and information of peoples swaps. I am in the middle of my swap and will be adding pictures soon. I for one cant wait to see everyone's mounting and dimensions. Please contribute. Thank you.
  3. I think it would be a good idea to start some sort of picture/information thread on this swap.....
  4. I believe I have similar rims but, mine are three piece with mag centers. My 280z-vq project is under way and I cant decide if I want to use the three piece 15x10 or go 17x9/9.5..... lots of options. Anyway thank you, beautiful car.
  5. Very cool, glade to see it up and running. BTW what rims are you running? Size?
  6. Yes please do. Also, if you decide to start offering these can you look into extending them connecting to the rear frame?
  7. Well done. Hope all goes well. Cant wait to see this run.
  8. If I had these and wanted to keep them.... I would clamp them down to a thick piece of steel and heat them, then slowly add clamping pressure until they lay flat or flatter. Let cool naturally while still clamped. You may have to repeat this. Just take it slow and keep the heat and pressure even, should work.
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