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  1. For me, after a set of ROTA RB front 17x9" ET -13 rear 17x9.5" ET-19 I change for: DIAMOND RACING WHEELS PRO/CHALLENGER Series 16X10 4x4,5 backspace -4,5 (ET-25) for the front and rear With 4x HANKOOK Ventus R-S2 225/50R16
  2. Some news on my blog http://chico-260z.over-blog.com/ I change my wheels by Diamond racing 16X10 4x4,5 -4,5 And the tyres: HANKOOK Ventus R-S2 225/50R16 I started dismantling to rebuild the engine compartment and the front. All must be clean and strengthened to accommodate the 1UZ
  3. Hello Well yes a frenchie I am trying to gather the information necessary for my project. I have a DATSUN 260Z 2 +2 and I want to replace the current engine, a cast iron L26 So I go for the 1UZ-FE in England because the models have not had the LEXUS 1UZFE have not been sold in France. So I found a 1UZFE from a Lexus LS400 UFC20 1994-1997 The engine-inc engine loom, throttle body, distributors, starter + Auto gearbox + Torque converter + Alternator + Engine ECU + Engine mounts + 2 X Catalytic Converters X + 4 O2 sensors Y + front exhaust pipe section + + Prop Mount Rubber coupling Gear selector unit + + sunrise + Complete Front loom + + Relays fuse boxes intact Now that I finally have the engine, I realized that I need a rear sump SOARER/SC400. After searching, I found someone who miami needs a front sump for his 1UZ. So we make an exchange. Among so I bought a RCI fuel cell 16-gallon and a fuel pump Bosch 044 300lph
  4. My Zee is finish New shooting with RB 17x9 and 17x9,5
  5. Hye guys, Sorry for my english.... I present my 260Z 2 +2 that I bought 2 years ago. The first changes were cosmetic, but I must dismantle all half-trains for sanding and epoxy paint. Program silent polyurethane, illumina + damper springs. Then come the fenders flares For the moment, i change the SU of L26 by the SU of 240Z
  6. Why not. For information the crank L28 and conrod L28 are really the same of L26. But rebore a L26 in 2.8 L (86mm) is still difficult, because ultimately the thickness of metal will be lower than standard L28.
  7. I prefer a N/A preparation I'don't like the turbocharching solution I think choose the solution with Stock L26 with L24 pistons for the moment. If I find a L28 later, I put his head above
  8. Normally the L26 pistons are dished of 7cc but some L26 are building with flat top pistons of L24 The stock L26 with dished pistons: 8,29:1 of CR with 2565cc The L26 with L24 pistons std.size: 9,28:1 of CR with 2565cc The L26 with L24 pistons 0,020 over-bore: 9,38:1 of CR with 2596cc The L26 with L24 pistons 0,040 over-bore: 9,48:1 of CR with 2627cc
  9. "An L24 and L26 block can be bored to a max of 86mm and an L28 to 89mm. Pistons must not come out the top of the block more than .12mm or 5 thou." Dave Jarman You say: "Why a .040 over bore instead of .020 ?" Just for more CC Thanks for the ebay.de, I go directly for searching a L28.
  10. Hye, In advance sorry for my english, i'm french I have a 260Z 2+2 with rotawheels in 17*9.5 I've decided to mod my L26 I bought a head from a race english car company "samuri" http://www.samuri.eu/ It's a E88 head E88 with 44mm inlet valves, 35mm exhaust valves and a combustion chamber of 38cc. After more and more reflection, i have two solutions: Stock L26 with L24 pistons overbore 0.040 (+1mm) and "cut-outs" for the valves after verification, It is going to be 2627cc with 10.74:1 or L26 with L24 rods/crank and L28 flat top pistons (86mm) It's going to be a "short stroke" engine for more RPM 2563cc with 10.56:1 but it's more expensive €€€€ A L28 in France is a difficult find, otherwise I would be on the block with L28 for this preparation. What do you think? Any input, suggestions w/e are appreciated!
  11. Hye, I think is an L6 but whit an another head. And you ?
  12. 17x9 with 255/40R17 for the front 17x9,5 with 275/40R17 for the rear
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