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  1. So I know its been a long time but lots of progress was made last summer, and I was back driving the car. T3 control arms front and rear, tension rods, steering coupler, moustache bar, drop mounts, installed along with Wolf Creek Racing CV's, STI stub axel adapters, r180 STI diff, RT diff mount, T# big brake kit front and rear....... April the car goes for body work, repaint and some other goodies. Car was aligned and corner balanced this past fall, and I cannot get over the change in mechanical grip. Suspension and CVs are loud but that comes with the territory. Big spring for the car. I have been bad at updating on here, but feel that I owe it. check me on instagram for updates @theburbankbuild_s30
  2. So not much progress being made here. Missed ZCON. first time in CAnada, and in my back yard......missed it. Cool. Started assembling hubs and started dicking around with the front set up. Very concerned with clearance issues with the RCA and the GTx2 control arms. Had a chat with the Josh at T3. Super helpful guy. Lots of info. They have gone to a shorter shouldered nut on the bottom of the post on newest version, as well the post is now 5/8" not 3/4". Leaves me in a bit of a bind on this one though. If I cannot clear might get a shorter shouldered nut and cut the excess post. Will not know till it all goes on. Not so worried with the final wheels they are 15*9 +53- so i doubt the much of anything will be inside the barrel of the wheel. but the 15*7-0 will be a different story. I have not cut the car to put flares on yet, as I was hopping to run the 15*7 -0 till I was ready to go wide.
  3. Oh man. That revs quick! That's awesome! Abarth exhaust sounds killer. So how does the motor feel in the car? How is low end?
  4. Hub was good. Installwas easy, fitment was good. I struggled a little with horn button but got it sorted. Whitehead Performance got me the hub. I didn't go with the deep corn. I am 6'4" and didn't want to have the steering wheel any closer.
  5. Ok- so I am staying true to my promise to myself that I would keep documenting this as I progress. So installed the CV adapters for the wolfcreek racing CV kit. Borrowed some Blue Lock tight from work and buttoned these up. New hardware and it matches nicely with the t3 m mustache bar. Finished cutting the strut towers and lining up the Sakura Garage camber plates. It is a bit of a pain cutting them with the hatch still on ( realitive to cutting the front towers) Forgot to get a picture of it all finished and painted but will put up another shot. Installed the CV adaptors to the companion flange on the out side assembly. Found this was really easy to do by fliping a wheel on its face and mounting it. When torquing, I was able to just hold the tire in between my feet to add a bit of stability. They really are a pretty little piece. Next up.....RT diff mount install, t3 e-brake cable, t3 droup mounts, and dog bone, diff, ect.
  6. Any more pictures of the install? I have this set up and will be installing soon. I guess I should test fut hubs on wheels. Really struggling with the orientation of the top hats on the hub. I assume they mount to the back of the hub but struggle with what face mounts flush to the hub of the top hat? Thanks for the photos.
  7. This might be taken care of already but Gabriel will email you a template for checking wheel clearance. Pm me if you have trouble and I can email you the templates he sent me.
  8. They are könig rewinds on the car currently. 15x7. Tire size I will need to check but if I remember correctly 205 45 15 front and 225 45 15 rear.
  9. Yeah has definitely saved me a lot of headaches. Put together the rear wheel bearings this afternoon. And should be able to bolt up rear brakes tomorrow. pretty excited. will get some pics up of the assembly.
  10. Hopefully sooner than later. So much will have changed from the last time I drove it to when it is back on the road.... Might be hard to figure what the changes affect.
  11. So this is where I realize that I am not going to be ready for Z con in August in my back yard of Toronto Ontario..... but making progress non the less. Here are some shots of other items going in. Companion flanges and e brake hardware after a coat of paint. Rear carriers/hub after a coat of flat black. Along with outer stub axles. This is all ready to go back together. I have also ordered (almost a year ago) Front and rear disc brake set up from Gabe at T3. Awesome product. (we have decided that the caliper bracket needs to be flipped. As well got back the MSA SCCA roll bar from JP at Stripping Technologies, who has powdered coated it to match the paint! So from here on out I am going to try and keep up more detailed posts about each mini project. Would love any extra knowledge on this if you are following. Thanks all!
  12. So the open 3.90 diff was dropped out with the mini prop shafts. Picked up a Subaru r180 with a 3.90LSD from an importer in Montreal Quebec. Got a set of the Beta Motorsports stub axle/adapters. (which are just art.....god they are pretty.) and new studs. (I have new nuts from MSA just not in the picture) All mated to the T3 Moustache bar. Side note Gabriel at t3 is amazing. and the product craftsmanship is beautiful. Removed the drop mounts and dog bone.... and got some more t3 goodness. cleaned up and refinishing pretty much everything that comes out before it goes back in. This is the forward- inner LCA/dif mount
  13. More time passes and winter of 2015, a couple of buddies, (Rick and Robbie) come over and we pull out one seat, and the front suspension,,,,and half of the rear suspension. I had collected more parts in this time. Here is the T3 GTx2 front control arms, along with RCA. Started cutting the strut towers for the camber plates. where I don't have air in the shop, I used a dremmel with the new cut off wheels they are offering. Worked well, but expensive, as you tear through discs. I think I used 20 discs I ended up having the vanity plates powder coated to match the car by JP at Stripping Technologies in Cambridge ON. He has an amazing 510 with an engine from an AP1 s2k. JP has been a wealth of knowledge and an amazing beast of a human to have in your corner through a long build. Took front a rear components up to Works Garage and JP and Cambridge James helped to section the front strut tubes. After Cambridge James, (beauty 280z build) and JP and I got out one of the spindle pins, JP took the other half of the rear suspension to Hit Man Hot Rods, and they removed the other spindle pin (with great effort) , sectioned the strut tubes and welded the rear collars to the carriers. New hardware, wheel bearings all waiting to be installed.
  14. So on the way home from C&C car starts making an awful grind scrape noise going over bumps. Get the car back to the shop.....Find that all the chasing my friends 88 911 through the country roads ( and maybe a few bumps) has resulted in a broken DS rear coil spring. I had been researching the shit out of the coil over options at the time ( on here and other sites- the thread is still open), and this was the excuse that allowed me to pull the trigger. I ended up ordering the set up from Sakura Garage. They make their own camber plate, and pair it with a set of Stance Coilovers. Awesome quality and first rate customer support from Sakura Garage. So this is when things slow down on progress, and I basically start part collecting. Wheels are ordered (amazing group buy that I couldn't pass up) And was able to get a set of Work Meister CR01's in grey face with polished bronze lip. Thanks again Peter at NEXTMOD in Markham ON. Found a set of Z force productions BAMFZG flares on DPAN on facebook. I have yet to install....Might still call jpngarage and get their set. They just look to be more finished? could be off here. Would love input. Started hunting seats as well. Got a deal on these Chronosport fixed back seats as they were in stock at a supplier, and from my understanding Sparco is not making this seat any more. Narrow enough to fit the car but wide enough for my ass.
  15. So as you can see, tires were 60 profile and the car looked vintage, but the age and the condition of the tires were questionable. As well the Mirrors were not the look I wanted. Long term goal was to get the car to have a similar look to Christine Sepika's 280z, but unique. Not looking to clone. Just absolutely fell in love with the wheels and the wide zg flares. I now had direction. ( And Christine was nice enough to share wheel specs so I could put my order in to Works. So second summer with the car it was time for tires. you could swing the ass out any time. They were dry. (but super fun) Set of BFG Rivals added the grip, and bumped up the speed you could confidently carry. Received a steering wheel from my wife for birthday gift. (best wife ever) and ordered up a boss hub from Whitehead Performance in Scarborough Ontario. These guys are awesome. Tons of help. Old Wheel Old Hub New Hub from White Head New Nardi Wheel Found the black center ring on the wheel would not stay on. So hunted down some nice SS allen headed hardware and decided to ditch the ring. Took off the inner door skins and removed those plastic accordion mirrors. Replaced with a set from MSA. The plan is to run these until body work money is saved then door mirrors shaved and fender mirrors will be added. So in the mad dash to have mirrors and wheel on for the July cars and coffee in Concord hosted by Engineered Automotive.....My starter shits the bed. Whitehead performance to the rescue with a gear reduction starter. Car ready. Off to first show with the car! There were many more cars there that day, this was at roll in at 7:30am. Think there might have been 25 cars there at this point.
  16. So this is long over due. I apologize. I said from the time I started leaching off of Hybridz and the collective knowledge here, that I would post pictures as I started to progress. Well it has only taken a little over 3 years for me to start a build thread. Sorry. So I will try to do my best and keep a thread going of the progress, but I feel the need to start from the beginning. Always loved Z cars and in my teen years in the late 90's all I wanted was a 300zxtt, then I moved on to wanting a 350z and so on. Times changed had lots of different cars, and kind of forgot about Z cars. Planned on getting a project car, and debated between a factory five Cobra, or a 65/66 mustang fast back. All with the same theme. Old look new/newer running gear. A friend posted a picture one night of a light blue 260Z with ccw's, and My mind exploded. I had been looking at and trying to justify the price of a mustang at the time (30-45000 CAD) so when I started looking at prices of reasonable shape S30's I was blown away. I started searching and found a few in Canada. A beautiful one in Windsor- seemed high for price, a couple others (kinda rough) and then some down in the states. After hunting a bunch of ads, and becoming discouraged, I reached out to the guy in Windsor. He drove the car up 3 hours to me so I could see it, and we worked out a much better price. It is a 1971 240z. It was originally sold in Burbank California, and was imported to Canada in 2012 by the seller. He pulled it all apart found no rust - so the car was coated in por15. He swapped out the L24 for a L28 with an E88 head, and a 260 cam. loaded the new mill in with a 280zx 5 spd and an open 3.90 r180 from White head performance. Engine ran awesome and was pretty strong! All I needed to do was replace the brake drums and I was rolling.
  17. So here is some of the progress. Slow but steady. The front spindles are out getting welded. The rear collars are welded to the carriers. The front shock towers are cut and the camber plates and vanity plates are installed. I had the vanity plates powder coated to match the car. Currently putting rear wheel bearings together so I can start buttoning up the rears. Subaru diff and wolfcreekracing cv's to go in, along with T3 Rlca, dogbone and drop mounts and Ron Tyler diff mount. T3 rear disc kit mocked up. And fml. Z con in August.... And I still do not have a suspension in the car. Lol. Time is the commodity here.
  18. I think it arrived last summer. Much more milled down then the bracket in the picture that wasn't worked. I will flip them. Makes sense. Much appreciated.
  19. I think it arrived last summer. Much more milled down then the bracket in the picture that wasn't worked. I will flip them. Makes sense. Much appreciated.
  20. I think it arrived last summer. Much more milled down then the bracket in the picture that wasn't worked. I will flip them. Makes sense. Much appreciated.
  21. I would love your input RA240z and OldAndyAndTheSea I am putting together my set up, and before I install the wheel bearings would love to know if I have the caliper bracket installed correctly in these photos. I have the recess of the bracket facing out. I have mocked it up with caliper, stub axle and rotor, but just want to be sure, because I am not sure how the hell I could get the bracket off and flipped with the stub axle installed with out pulling out wheel bearings...... wicked thanks in advance Photos in the google link below. I will post up more photos of the install of this kit. https://goo.gl/photo...MkmKpiGa1tEzx76
  22. I am an idiot. wrong thread. lol sorry. Also installing t3 lca. can post photos . hahhaha. colour me a moron.
  23. So I am putting together my set up, and before I install the wheel bearings would love to know if I have the caliper bracket installed correctly in these photos. I have the recess of the bracket facing out. I have mocked it up with caliper, stub axel and rotor, but just want to be sure, because I am not sure how the hell I could get the bracket off and flipped with the stub axle installed. Photos in the google link below. I will post up more photos of the install of this kit. https://goo.gl/photos/NEMkmKpiGa1tEzx76
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