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  1. Ande5711

    headers for 5.0 swap

  2. Ande5711

    363Z affraid to start...

    Well I got the book and built a rotisserie. Undercoated and in stalled full Techno Toy Tuning suspension. Off to chassis shop this week!
  3. Ande5711

    75 280z long tube headers

    Did you find out somewhere else about this? I am looking for options as well. Shorties are too small for my 363 D-1 combo
  4. I have a procharged 363 going into a 74 260z at some point. Right now I have a rolling shell with subframe connectors and new floor pans. I am looking for insight as to how much reinforcement is going to need to be done? The car will be street/track but not looking to drag the car or do hard launches in cation of ripping it up. I ripped the mustang tourqe box up n/a with this motor. So... 8pt, 10 pt? Tube chassis? I'd rather overdo it obviously but not wanting a full cage on the street
  5. Ande5711

    74' 260z conversion

    Hey everyone looking to join the community as I start my adventure swapping in a built sbf into the z. So hello and thanks for all the info this forum provides!
  6. Ande5711

    Ready set go!

    Hello, can somebody tell me if I need 4 rear Q45 cvs or can I use the fronts?
  7. Ande5711

    260z Right Hand Drive Dash

    I'll take it
  8. Hello to the forum, new member and first Z conversion attempt. I will be documenting my conversion process here. In advance I thank all members for the resources I have found here already and more to come!
  9. Ande5711


  10. Ande5711

    Hydrobooster Application

    Awesome! I am new here but came just for this. Starting my sbf build soon. Going to be a monster though. Crossing fingers I can even hook.