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  1. I have never liked these weld in camber adjustment plates, I hope the adjuster I am designing for my z will work and I wont have to cut my tower
  2. If you are worried about shop space you can buy a tuff shead and mount the compessor in it, then you don't have to worrie about the noise from the compressor running.
  3. If you are still trying to boar the center you may just find a place that surfaces rotors, the machine is capable of cutting the boar you will just have to find a place that will let you use it or find a lathe and it will take you 10 min to do
  4. The tie in is less needed on slicktops, if you have a car with a lot of cancer or a sunroof, t tops, or convertable you should tie in the two. It doesn't hurt to do it and you should be tacking in bracing anyways to eliminate flex.
  5. With furthur reasearch into this, I finally got a set of mounts and they crush down to 25-30mm thickness
  6. I will most likely have adapter plates available soon for the LS to VG and CD8
  7. Thank you very much I can not believe it wasn't in the search but I will put it somewhere hopefully the next person looking will be able to find.
  8. I know someone has a stock mount laying around and a caliper can someone measure me the mount in metric it looks like 30mm but I need to know thanks.
  9. I am in MN for work and don't have my car up here but still need to design some parts for it looking for someone local that will let me borrow a front subframe, control arms, rear suspension all of it, transmission bracket, and if someone has a core support cut the whole thing wouldn't need all the parts at once just little by little and there are always Z's apart so this shouldn't be to difficult to find. If you are near by send me a text 719-250-4468 I am in 55432 AC
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