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  1. Once again, the Camaro radiator with the Taurus fan works wonders. I did have to replace my Taurus fan after 10 years, but it was cheap. My SR20DET never overheats. I used to have a huge aluminum and a black magic 2800cfm fan for my 355 sbc Z. My radiator never had an issue but all aluminum radiators are not made to hold up to daily street driving and crack easily. My camaro radiator does the job perfectly.
  2. OK, I got my 280Z back out and have been driving it. I am considering selling it since I do not have enough garage space, and frankly, it is a little too fast for me. This vehicle is built right. My name on here used to be Lewis Maudlin and it is now SR20DET280Z. It is 2005 RX8 Titanium Gray. It has a couple of minor rust spots since it was last painted 10 years ago. I have not finished putting the interior back in. I put new gaskets and carpet in the car 10 years ago but the caskets could be replaced again. The car is bulletproof and I use it as a daily driver. I estimate 400hp at the rear wheels and it weights 2400 lbs. Here are a few of the items I put in that I can remember: S13 Redtop Power FC DJetro Standalone with MAP sensor Garrett GT2871R 740 Nismo Injectors Splitfire Coil Packs Walbro fuel pump ported and polished intake manifold ported and polished head Cometec head gasket tube exhaust manifold Full 3" stainless exhaust to a 3" inlet 5" outlet apexi muffler FMIC Whole box of dynamat used on interior LSD rear end Toyota 4x4 front brakes Konig rewinds Fully louvered hood as was optional from nismo NRG seats mounted to floor Front air dam A ton of other stuff I can't remember. I have big bucks sunk into this car but if someone want to buy it for $11,900, I would sell it. I will not entertain offers of $11,899. Don't contact me unless you are serious and have cash. I do not have time to talk cars or chat which is why I am selling my car. If you are serious and have cash, I can take additional photos to send. Thank you.
  3. SR20DET280Z

    sr20 question

    I built mine about 10 years ago. It was one of the first so there was a lot of trial and error for me. The first thing I would do contrary to what everyone says is to buy a standalone ecu. I tried the Enthalpy tune with a Z32 maf repeatedly. I tried the Apexi PowerFC LJetro. I finally went with the Power FC DJetro. It is amazing. If I change turbos or have a boost leak, the car runs fine. If I don't start the car for a year, it starts up and runs fine. I recently got it back out after barning it for 5 years. If you look on here, you will find cheaper ways to build. I used an 84 camaro radiator iirc and a flexalite black magic fan. Both work perfectly. Cooling is important. I also louvered my hood. The amount you spend is up to you. Most machine shops will shorten and balance a driveshaft for $75. LSD rear ends get expensive. Most items are junk yard sourceable. My first build was a 355 sbc 260Z. My main suggestion is that if you want a reliable daily driver, get a standalone. I think you can still get the discontinued PowerFC DJetro. My 280Z is my daily driver again. It has around 400rwhp as I drive it daily on 21 lbs of boost. It averages 33 mpg. At 2480 lbs, I think it will outrun almost any daily driver. Pretty bulletproof setup.
  4. SR20DET280Z

    tachometer wiring question

    By the way, my car is from Bend Oregon, originally.
  5. SR20DET280Z

    tachometer wiring question

    Yeah, I built this more than 10 years ago. I haven't changed much. It has been parked for 5 years. I have slept in the last 10 years and have forgotten everything I learned. Make sense now? My build is pretty documented on here. I was probably the only SR20DET in the midwest.
  6. SR20DET280Z

    tachometer wiring question

    OK, I have my SR20DET powered 280z back out. I had it parked for about 5 years and built it more than 10 years ago. It is an SR20DET with a GT2871r with an Apexi Power FC Djetro ecu and other upgrades. I daily drive it at 21 psi. My problem is that I keep slamming into the rev limiter in first gear because I do not have a tach. I need a tach. I need to be able to switch gears before I slam the rev limiter, not after. Where do I get the tach signal? Is there a tach that is easy to install? Is there an output on the PowerFC that would connect directly to the tach? What's the easiest way to connect a tech without having to splice into my splitfire coilpacks??? Thank you for the help.
  7. SR20DET280Z

    What intercooler is best to run for an SR?

    that is not a pic of your car! You have sourced a pic of my car. Seriously, I call bull.