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  1. I have recently acquired a driver side quarter panel and door skin that are NOS nissan parts with VIN numbers. The quarter panel even has the original delivery tag on it which is pretty neat. The quarter panel is for a late 260z or 280z. I know these are pretty rare but wasn't sure where a good starting point on price would be so input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. The Rears weren't so forgiving... The spindle pin did not want to cooperate so I sent it to a shop to have them press it out, sandblast the rear hubs, and press some new wheel bearings. I also changed out my rear studs for Nissan Quest studs as a cheap way of getting a few extra MM for my lugs to bite onto. With the rear spindle removed, the threads had to be cleaned up as well. A big thanks to MWorks garage who did a killer job on the parts for me! Finished Products:
  3. Hey guys, This is the journey of my 1974 Datsun 260z to where it currently stands and where it is headed. I hope you enjoy! This was the car when I first got it... It was a good running car that was fairly "clean" with the exception of some hidden rust. I drove the car like this for a couple of years before I really got the itch to modify it. To start things off, my carbs started leaking so I rebuilt the round top already on the car. The outcome: Nice new carbs and a sad looking engine bay. (Ignore the wheel in the background, we will get to those
  4. Hey guys, I figured I may as well start a build thread for my late model 260Z. I am currently in the process of installing the new BC racing coilovers as well as working on a few areas of the brakes while I'm in there. I will also be installing flares this winter after my new 3-piece Revolution RFX wheels in 16x9. Below are a few pictures to get you up to date: Pictures of the coilovers right out of the box: Car on Jack Stands preparing to be disassembled for coilover install: Dirty Front Assembly Removed:
  5. My 3 Piece Revolution RFX wheels. Getting refinished this winter. Gloss Bronze Lips with Matte Black faces.
  6. I recently received a set of the new coilovers BC Racing has developed with JPN Garage. I know a few of you are anxiously awaiting yours so here are a few pictures of mine. Please note: I received mine as part of a sponsorship with the website I run which is why I have mine a bit earlier. Enjoy!
  7. I am looking to buy a ground control coilover kit (Pre-fabbed to struts or not), Mckinney motorsports, T3, or or Sakura Garage Stance Coilovers prefereably used.
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