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  1. Interesting your swaybar mounts on the control arm are symetrical mine are not its like they sent me two of the same arm so one side is upsidedown.
  2. Just for reference the Hawks Headers work with the Apex subframe. Not with the support braces though.
  3. Close up and important note. I found the 10mmx1.25mm 30mm were to short to work with this particular bracket and engage the wheelbearing threads 100% so I bought 40mm long ones. Only socket head bolts will work!!!
  4. Also you can see the front mounting point of the subframe interferes with the bolt for the front of the control arm. I think you could grind on the clamshell some so you could put the bolt in from the other direction or shorten the bolt
  5. So you do have to clearance spare tire well quite a bit. I massaged with hammer....There is a bracket for original fuel lines that needs cutting off as well as the original exhaust hanger that would be on the front driverside corner of the diff
  6. I have contacted another company to build the axle shafts. If I can get something that works I will share for sure.
  7. I would like to save someone the anger of purchasing from this company....I have all the other bits required.. I will struggle through this and help however I can with what I discover with this kit.
  8. Have yet to hear anything... I know this is supposed to be discussion on the design but, no point discussing unobtanium
  9.  Hey Jon, we got them back from heat treatment last week last Friday, so far everything is in tolerance and the correct splines for the OEM axles. We are now just grooving them and then packaging and shipping. I will get an exact ship date by the end of today and give you an update. thanks again for your patience. Thank you
  10.  Hey Jon, we were waiting for them to be done at heat treat, but we came accoss a few issues with the axles pertaining to the spline counts, we were origianlly using aftermarket axles (seeing they are more rediliy avaible) however that was a very inconsistent method as the splines on them were all different through the different compaines. We then decided to just go to OEM specs. we already have the driver side ones all done, just need to finish cutting the splines on the driver side, sorry for the delay, we have not made axles before so we are learning as we go, we would assu
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