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  1. I would be interested but if you could keep the stock look and would be very cool. I thought about how difficult it would be to upgrade, especially since the little boxes on the end could house some electronics.
  2. Does that mean your old regulator is for sale?
  3. Those reverse lights sure are bright! And I thought I was hot in Texas working on cars...
  4. Just crawl under and look if it's an r200 or r180. The 180 will be symmetrical and the r200 will be bigger and biased towards one side.
  5. I just did the wilwood 1" swap on my 72 and it was really easy. I know you mentioned the Tilton but I just wanted to say how easy it was for the wilwood mc as well.
  6. It's about $1000 to convert the corvette t56 to work with an fbody type setup. If you fix the t56 to bolt up with an fbody input and output then it should bolt up to any ls series engine.
  7. That's such a good looking key. Wish I had that kind of budget! Good luck to you.
  8. I don't think the stock turbo will flow enough air to be worthwhile for your new motor.
  9. Your description doesn't make much sense but I'm going to try my best. Let's assume that you have your throttle linkage set up right. A common issue is the butterfly valves getting stuck so I would verify that those move with the linkage. You can get some aquarium line or clear fuel line to see the gas going into your float bowls. When I first fired up my 240z with an su carbed l28, there was a lot of dirt and varnish in the port in the bottom of the float bowl. Putting some premium (detergent) gas in and using carb cleaner helped a lot. And when you say it runs when you pick up the linkage, do you mean the piston inside the mouth of the carb? That would signify to me that you are running extremely lean to where you aren't getting combustion. Su's lift up when the engine pulls more air past them, which lets more gas through the needle and seat. Like Miles said, use the adjusting nut at the bottom to tune it to get it running. I would richen it. Hope this helped you a little.
  10. There is another write up on datsunzgarage too for changing to an internally regulated alternator.
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