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  1. I'm happy with my ZRX1200. Much bang for buck. My 2002 was $3500 with 5800 miles.
  2. $1.56 in Moore, OK. $1.73 for 91 octane.
  3. Down to 1.89 at same location (flying J) on Morgan Road. Also 1.89 at 50th and Santa Fe "fuelman" type station for no-ethanol.
  4. 1.93 yesterday on Morgan Road in Oklahoma City.
  5. I lost power for 18 hours in South OKC. I was lucky enough to pick up a generator before the panic started and live in a "No tree new housing development". Other than not being able to find a McDonalds with a play area open for the kid, it was mostly just a day off work.
  6. What is the difference between the shape of a '75 280z vs a 240?
  7. I saw her at a Hornets-Bulls game earlier this month. They were showing her on the big screens, then they would cut to the faces of people in the crowd. It was hilarious, everything from the look of horror to expressions like mine. Yum.
  8. Thanks for the help. I do have a PCI Express board and I went ahead and ordered the BFG 7950GT from newegg. Am I going to be able to play both of these games with a gamepad or will I have to buy a steering wheel? Thanks again.
  9. Can someone recommend a good graphics card for playing GT Legends or GTR2 for under $200? CURRENT SETUP: Dimension 4700 Series,Intel Pentium 4 Processor 530 with HT Technology (3.0GHz) Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelator 900 Integrated Audio around 1GB SDRAM at 400MHz (if I remember correctly) Thanks.
  10. http://www.racingjunk.com/exec/ca/view/586711/T56-6-Speed-Trans.html I don't have the funds, but you might. Might have been raced though.
  11. There's another video somewhere that shows them comparing the atom to the other cars they've tested. It came in second above some of the greatest exotics in the world, but I can't remember what was first.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. Does anyone know how to take screenshots from PS2 games and same them to a PC? Tim
  13. I'm looking for video game images of all the generations of Zcars. The first gen. and the 350z are easy enough to find, but has anyone seen any others (280zx, 300zx)? Thanks, Tim
  14. Does http://www.carfax.com go back that far in age?
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