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  1. Thanks but I'm just missing the rear brackets and front spacers.
  2. Since I never got an answer and no hope for one from Modern Motorsports, may be someone has a set of rear conversion brackets (240sx calipers) and front hub spacers (vented toyo 4x4 conversion) for sale. Thanks.
  3. Check out this thread, lots of step by steps and pics. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/39295-cleaning-tail-lights-pics/page__view__findpost__p__317844__hl__%2Bcleaning+%2Btail+%2Blights+%2B%28pics%29__fromsearch__1
  4. Does anyone know which of the two pins is the (on-off) switch and which is the gauge (variable). I want to use the on-off switch output signal for an aux electric fuel pump cut off relay/timer in my 240 project (no oil press, no gas), but I don't have a '78/ZX sender yet for me to test.
  5. Thanks Jeff but I found one locally.
  6. Try Bruce at partsdinosaur.com, good prices too.
  7. Thanks but I need a std size (86mm) one.
  8. Thanks texasz, that is exactly what I need: one standard size, stock flat top piston for 80-83 non-turbo 280zx. (F54 block).
  9. Main bearings. You need to check if they are std or oversize , you can buy a set here http://www.store.partsdinosaur.com/product1259.html or your local auto parts store
  10. I need 1 std flat top f54 piston to replace damaged one. Thanks.
  11. #3 post Use POR15, it can be applied to already rusted areas which will happen to welds very quickly. Just try to clean the parts as well as you can before welding, POR15 doest like oily surfaces. Check out its use here: http://www.por15.com/Data%20Sheets/POR15ApplicationInfo.pdf
  12. Hey Boricua when is this event? I go to PR about quite often for work and have always been on the lookout for Z's (as I am everywhere!). I would love to attend if I'm there. Next month I'll be in Fajardo for a few days (at El Conquistador and yes...working), including a weekend which again its a great opportunity to rent a car and drive to the other end of the island. Saludos. PS. My avatar pic was taken at Mt Britton Tower way up in El Yunque. You can almost see I'm soaking wet!
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