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  1. I also have BRE and 432 style spoilers.
  2. Sorry for the late response. I will start including hardware from now on. One piece spoilers has 2 mounting wholes in center of spoiler * i will be updating this post later today with new pictures and details.
  3. bump! 3 piece spoilers are in the making. Sold out quick but will be getting more in about a week!
  4. Yes I do please see below. I have BRE style spoilers and will soon be making 432 style. I also have fender flares
  5. Hello Hybridz Members! Three piece spoiler for Datsun s30 240z 260z 280z Product is made from fiberglass with a flat black primer finish. Hence, spoiler is not a finished product ready for paint. This spoiler has 2 mount holes in center piece and 2 on each individual corner. It also has 2 threaded inserts in center piece and 1 on each individual corner.Quality and fitment are really good, all spoilers are brand new and never installed. some modification might be needed for perfect fitment. Price $280 shipped! - I can provide a discount for a group buy (5 minimum) Item ships from California* Local pick up available Payment: Paypal or cash for local pick up Any questions please feel free to send a PM
  6. Looking to get my Z painted Orange, and would love to see how the sunset orange would look. Does anyone have this specific color on their s30? or on basically any car? Thanks or if anyone knows what color code this is:
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