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  1. I know the 85 turbo axles need an adapter on the stub assemblies . Pretty sure the 280zx have their own adapter. Once you put the adapters on, yes it's a direct bolt on.
  2. Ok, huge thanks. I'll read up. That's cleared that up, the IZCC page was wrong. The 87 & 88 are are 3.70 NA and 3.54 turbo, Where the 89 is a 3.90 NA and 3.70 turbo
  3. ..So here is my question. I have read sites saying the r200 ratios for the 87-89 300zx NA being 3.9 and the turbos being 3.7 lsd...as the link from this site send you. Another site says they are all 3.7. Are the NA 3.9 and the turbos 3.7 lsd or are they all 3.7's ?
  4. You guys are pretty on top of correct info, so here it is set to the experienced. I have two r200's out of a 76 and 85 both being 3.54 and found out its not going happen finding 3.9 r & p gear anywhere. At least I have the turbo cv shafts now . So now im on the prowl for a 3.9. My 260z late model is going be cruise, fun, proud car to own, not track or drag. It's going have the ls1 t56 or auto tranny. I see that one guy has a pretty cool bolt on set up for a ford 8.8 irs but going keep an eye out for a r200 for now. May even just grab a 80-83 MT NA r200 pumpkin being they are all 3.9, just not an lsd. ....So here is my question. I have read sites saying the r200 ratios for the 87-89 300zx NA being 3.9 and the turbos being 3.7 lsd...as the link from this site send you. Another site says they are all 3.7. The 4.11 would be fun but might be too much for what im going do with it. I realize i can just pop every cover off every one i see in the yard and check numbers on gears, but rather not until i think i have the right one..lol Save me from the insanity.
  5. The only sets of r & p I have found for the r200 long nose are the ones at MSA and the same set in Japan for $1700. I haven't found anyone selling any others on Craigslist, EBay, a shop, or any of the numerous z forums. This is the most complete forum and no one is selling here either . You would think with the wide use of this reared there would be someone making them.
  6. Hope you find help. I've been looking for R & P gear sets. Only thing I have found were rediculously priced 4.+ gear sets.
  7. Yeah that would be a pain. I need to find a z31 if I'm going go that route like an 85. Thanks for the info. I think I had the wrongs years in my head when I was out there. Still cramming my noggin with all the cool cross over stuff I'm finding on this site
  8. . Was just confirming after reading people needing to pop over cages and such. I found one, but didn't grab at the wrecking yard. I already have a r200 out of a 76 280 2+2 in mine. Probably best to just rebuild this one. Pretty sure they are both 3.54 stock. I have plenty time and it's just going be a fun cruiser to have pride in. The Z and my 69 c10 are just loves I'm building.
  9. Was wondering if the 95 300z turbo r200 with cv shafts is worth grabbing for the rear of a 260z late model ? Seems, from what I read, they have some issues just dropping them in.?
  10. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/260z/rear-big-brake-kit-240z-260z-and-280z It says you need at least a 15" wheel to fit
  11. I found that one, but they only mention the vented Toyota set up from MsA in 5 lug. The only 5 lug brake set I saw was the Arizona set up. It's overkill for regular road car. I'll keep looking. Thanks for the info
  12. 260z with an Ls1 cruise and street car. I'm sure somewhere in here it's been addressed but I can't find it. I am thinking about switching to 5 lug mostly for wheel choices, but not adamant about it yet. I'm wondering what people in here are using for brakes front and back ? Looking to run 16" rims.
  13. The early 260 looks like a 240 and the late 260 looks like a 280 with a carbureted motor.
  14. The round top ones came on the 240z and I believe the first 260z. I have the 260 1/2z , it came stock with the flat top side drafts because they were supposed to be better on smog lol. I was running the dual down draft webers before I parked it, which are still on the l28 in it.
  15. I've seen a 302 and a jag v12 in a z before. They fit fine, just a lot more work being there is no cookie cutter setup that many have already done.
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