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  1. Ok, so to revive this from the depths. lol. It is not my primary project, so that is why it has been a decade. lol. I have bought five 45 DCOE carbs. I have a matched set of 45 DCOE 9's, and a 45 DCOE 13, and 45 DCOE 45 as spares for parts, so I am back to investigating things for this build. I found that this reluctor is from a 79-81 280ZX. IMAG0126~2 by williamb82, on Flickr I am still trying to figure out where the weights came from. Hard to find pics of the inside of distributors. I am thinking maybe a l20 or something else that is compact. Anyone seen one to k
  2. Well, I got a set of 17's, but they are 5 lug. If anyone here happens to have a set in 4 lug and wants to trade centers, lmk. Mine are full reverse mesh and the outer diameter of the centers are 16.5in. If I do not find 4 lug centers soon I will be converting my car to 5 lug.
  3. I actually contacted him the day I saw his ad, unfortunatly he sold them the week before that. I ended up getting the centers I need elsewhere, and just need the 17in rim shells for them.
  4. I am looking for some 17in SSR reverse mesh wheels. Either the full wheel in 4 or 5 lug, or just the outer shell missing the center section. I have the centers I need, but now need the outer shells. Let me know what you have and how much. Im willing to pay more for the shells in the proper width and offset for my needs since I wont have to send them off to be widened, etc... Im trying to go as close to 8in, and 9.5in wide staggard as I can. Preferably with ~+12mm offset. williamb82@yahoo.com 813-900-0677 text only please
  5. Rotiform got back to me. $225 per rim shell, so $1800 for the set. Hopefully one of the other shops is cheaper. Image wheels is cheaper, but they are also in England so the shipping price negates the savings.
  6. I will check with Vrwheels.com as well. I found Wheelflip on Google and emailed them earlier today and am awaiting their reply.
  7. I have seen lots of rims with custom shells to change the size/width/offset etc... but I can't seem to find any places that can. Kodiak wheels no longer makes custom shells, i already spoke with them. I have some 16in SSR Formula mesh that I'd like to turn into a set of 17x8 and 17x9.5 with ~+10mm offset all around. Does anyone here know of any other sources? Prefereably here in the United States? I have emailed SSR and not gotten a response.
  8. actually, upon further research, the n/a, and turbo 2jz pistons are all hypereutectic, not forged. better than normal cast pistons. either way, this thread needs more pics!
  9. this is the body plug on the aristo engine harness. hopefully you got an engine with the plug uncut like mine. i cant list wire colors until i can cut a body harness plug out of an aristo at the junkyard. hopefully i can even find one. they dont pop up often. pin f1 is the starter trigger. this goes to the wire you use to the mk2 trigger wire so that when you turn the key it will start the car.(in your case, the z starter trigger) pin f6 needs to go to the main relay power. since it powers the injectors and coils etc.., might want to use the main relay (+B on the large mk2 e
  10. heres a post i made on celicasupra.com on how easy it is to get a 2jz aristo swap running. id post the link but not sure its allowed, so here is the key posts i made. hope it helps you guys with the wiring. these are specific to wiring it into a mk2 supra, however i listed what the wires on the 2jz harness are for, so hopefully it makes it easy for you guys. post from 7/30/11 4 wires on the small ecu plug to +12v, and 1 pin on the body plug to +12v, then the gnd to the block, the power to the starter. power the fuel pump, and 1 more wire on the body plug triggers the starter. just fir
  11. actually, i didnt end up doing it at all. never got time. i bought a 2jzgte which ill be swapping in. i plan to run a ms3 with the expansion card for full sequential ignition and injection. i have some lq9 coils and found out they work great with the dwell set anywhere from 4-5ms. ill prolly just set them at 4.5ms and leave it. they have a hotter spark then regular ls coils. ive actually got my 7mgte with the full ms2 setup for sale on supra forums and celicasupra.com etc.. also, on my car domain page, i have a startup vid of my 2jz the day after i bought it. went and picked it up from the imp
  12. I am after a set of 45mm Weber or Delorto carbs, though 44mm Solex or Mikunis will work as well. I only need the carbs. I do not need an intake manifold or linkage. If they need rebuilt, that is fine as long as it is a matching set of 3. Let me know what you have and the asking price. They will need to be shipped to Spring Hill, Florida 34608. You can send me a PM here, or email me directly. williamb82@yahoo.com Thanks.
  13. get rid of that oil filter mount and get a filter relocation kit for a 5.0 mustang. for a nipple for the adaptor to thread onto, you can use one from pretty much any toyota that has the filter mounted to the block, 5mge, 7mge, 22r, etc....
  14. http://www.cygnusx1.net/Supra/Library/TSRM/MK3/manual.aspx?S=D&P=1 http://www.supracharged.com/tech/wiring/index.shtml there you go. double check the wiring from the supracharged site. iirc 1 wire was connected wrong. ive fixed a couple 7mgte truck swaps due to the owner wiring according to this diagram. thats why i listed the tsrm wiring diagram as well. this way you can double check it.
  15. nice swap. next mod im going to suggest is a megasquirt setup to run the engine. itll make a HUGE difference in the response and power. the best mod ive done to my 7m so far.
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