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  1. I might have them, I'll check and see. I'll try to get back to you tomorrow Monday evening with some pics as well!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a Nissan 280zx Body Kit. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA near the LAX Airport! Let me know what you have? And How much you are asking for it? Thanks!!
  3. Hi there, my father has a 1972 Datsun 240z and the previous owner cut holes on the door panels to put some speakers as well as the rear interior quarter panels. The color on the interior is Burgundy or "Red" as they say. I am helping my father finish restoring his Z. If you have or parting out a 240z that has some nice or descent looking door panels and/or inter quarter panels (color: Burgundy or "Red"), let me know your price and some pics would be great! I am located in Los Angeles, CA. It is easier to contact me by e-mail: littledatsunboy at gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Hi there guys, I need some choke cables for my dad's 1972 Datsun 240z. His keep getting stuck when he turns it on in the morning and they're a bit tight. The 1972 choke cables are the same as the 1970-72, but the 1973 look a bit longer. If you have some, let me know how much + shipping. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for a new or used 280zx MSA Type 2 Bodykit. I would like to save some cash by not spending $600.00 for a new one. Let me know what you have, perhaps we can make a deal!!!
  6. Los Angeles, CA. The '72 ones sound good. How much? Do you have any pics?
  7. I'm looking for choke cables for my 1972 240z. The ones I have get stuck as I push them down. The choke cables from a 1970 through early 1972 should work great. The 1973 240z has the longer choke cables. Please send me pics of what you have and a price. Greatly appreciated!!!
  8. I'm looking for a 280zx body kit for my 1979 280zx. Anyone who has a kit lying around or would like to sell their body kit, please let me know! Thanks!
  9. Thank you guys for your advise. I guess I'm going to get the turbo rebuilt on my car.
  10. I have a 1983 280zx Turbo. The turbo went bad about 6 years ago and had to remove it. Unfortunately I never replaced it so I have been driving the car without the turbo ever since. I connected the Intake Tube straight to the J-Pipe in order to make the car function. Because of that my idle is a bit off, but works fine. Until a few days ago when I removed the J-Pipe and Intake Tube to shortened the amount of time it takes for the Intake Manifold to receive air in which worked a bit better. The only issue I had is getting the Air Flow Meter to fit with the Air Filter portion. So I assembled back
  11. Hey there, I've been trying to figure out if this is an engine bay wiring harness for a 280z??? I would really appreciate your help!!! Part number: 24011 N4222 [2] G75 789 0 15 20 25 31L
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