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  1. My 300zx Shiro is missing the front Lip. Does anyone have one for sale? I have attached a picture to show how it looks like.
  2. Thank you guys, for those that pm'd and replied. I finally found a door locally.
  3. I need a left Diver Side Door from a 240z. I am going to paint my Z, but I noticed that the door had a lot of bondo. Looking for a nice and straight one. Preferably, local pick up as I am located in Los Angeles, CA. Thank you!
  4. Thanks guys for the tips. I think I'm going to go for the Banzai Motorworks Skin Kit.
  5. Does anyone have some nice Red Door Panels? Mine have the speaker hole cut-out and I am looking for some clean straight Red Door Panels.
  6. I'm looking to replace my 240z door. Its in good shape, but I noticed that there was some minor work done to it. So looking for a nice, clean and straight 240z driver side door. Please, NO 260z or 280z doors! Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for original red door panels in good shape that do not have the speaker holes cut out. Thanks! Please reply with price and location. I'm in Los Angeles, CA.
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