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  1. Did you ever decide which way to jump with this? I love the coil bracket, and would be very interested in buying one.
  2. Speaking of bringing the head alive, has anybody planned a turbo build yet, or still all NA? It seems like a modern gigantor turbo would be a really good match to this head's flow potential.
  3. I think that's a great price, and obviously anyone who buys one is supporting a fellow Z nut, so it's a good cause! Really cool that technology is enabling this kind of cottage industry, and it's no longer a case of "maybe some day Edelbrock or whoever will notice us". One question I realize I still have: I can see how some of the parts in the "optional" list are actually optional, or can be sourced from the manufacturer directly (eg. the OEM Honda parts). But, when I scroll back through the pages and pages of R&D you did to get things like the camshafts right... I can't imagine any other viable way of making this seup work. I feel like you'd have to be NUTS to go it alone on almost any of that stuff. Am I missing something? I mean, I imagine someone with a similar skillset could duplicate all your effort and come to the same conclusion independently, but that seems risky, difficult, and slow.
  4. Watching with great interest. I've been saving my pennies since you mentioned the first ballpark figures, and I imagine others have as well. I didn't really want to be one of the early test subjects though, and I figured it would get old to spam the thread every day with "this is so cool, I absolutely must have one, etc" That being said, this is so cool and I absolutely must have one.
  5. Sorry, my attempts at tongue-in-cheek humor don't read well on the internet. I love this head, I love this thread, and I'm watching for the "public" release date. Derek (and anyone else) should feel free to correct me if I'm totally off base, but my assumption from looking at the V3 builds posted so far is that it's still pretty bespoke, and there isn't really a 'standard' or 'turnkey' config. Though, these manifolds are drool-worthy and answer one of the big questions I had. I really enjoy the idea of this head in a "modern" 432-inspired build. RB engines are so last-season, anyways.
  6. Reading this thread finally pushed me into getting another S30 shell. It doesn't have an engine, so... Obviously I should RB swap, right?
  7. Speaking for myself, I have money set aside and I've been lurking this thread waiting for news of public availability. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  8. I'm reminded of 2 Fast 2 Furious for some reason.
  9. Wow. I'm as dumb as it gets! I forgot that there are TWO switches on the brake pedal, and I had disconnected the one for the lights when I was mucking around under there installing my foglights. Thanks for all the insight and responses!
  10. I haven't replaced it. Had to pick my dad up from the airport, so I got home real late last night. Now that I think about it though, the one in my 79 parts car should work just fine, so I'm gonna go give that a shot. Like you said, very quick, very easy.
  11. Interesting... I've been thinking about it, and because my car was originally an auto, I never hooked up the back up lights. I wonder if they could be shorting on something and causing the problem. I have spare bulbs, too. It seems unlikely that I would have burnt out only the bright filament on all seven, but I'll check, just in case. It sounds like I'm going to be spending some quality time with a multimeter this weekend. I'll let you guys know.
  12. I'm really stumped. I guess I should check what the voltage is at the fuse, and see if it changes when I press the brakes.
  13. I've got a good handle on all the problems with brake lights staying on (have several bags of those little rubber mushrooms ). But now I've got a problem I've never encountered before. I can't get my brake lights to go on at all. I checked the fuse, and replaced it on principle. I checked the brake light switch, and shorted the connector to it just to see. Still nothing. All seven (I have the center taillight panel) of my brake/tail lights work fine as tail lights, but there's just no lighting up for the brakes. Any ideas? Is there a relay for the brake lights somewhere? The FSM and Haynes manual aren't really geared well towards this kind of diagnosis. As always, any help is appreciated.
  14. Well... I got the thing installed. Not a Champion, and not really what I expected. Very big, very light, but... ummm... Very... Barebones. As in, no drain plug. Also the inlet and outlet were about 1/8" too small for 280ZX hoses. I'm not sure if this is a known size difference that I should have considered before buying this thing, but regardless, there's some teflon tape being blatantly abused on each fitting. Definitely get what you pay for with this one. Does keep my temps cooler than they were, but I'm also about to reroute my turbo's water lines. I don't think it was a good idea to route them in parallel with the heater core, and they really should be from the water pump inlet - turbo - thermostat housing as I think it was TonyD suggested, and I know Big Phil has a video of a similar setup.
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