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  1. Just thought I would share my awesome experience. The harness is awesome and ticks in nicely into the Z chassis! Working with Hussein was nothing short of a pleasure, very personable and professional. Here is a video of the harness and the car running
  2. v01canic

    L28 on MS2 low power

    With the exception of the intake and the megasquirt, the engine is in stock form. Even with no mods it seem a little low on power. I was hoping someone would see something I was missing in the tune before I got down the rabbit hole of modifying the engine.
  3. v01canic

    Sync loss reason 2

    I have the exact issue. Just posted a new thread L28 on MS2 low power
  4. v01canic

    L28 on MS2 low power

    Hey guys, Got my tune done on my 76' L28 280z last week and the numbers are a little lower than I expected. Hoping you guys could help. Attached are my tune, log file, and dyno printout. Also, when the car gets hot (i live in Phoenix AZ) i love RPM signal and the car stutters Stock header Cold air intake W45 Intake manifold N47 head AEM Wideband MS2 235cc injectors 3 2.msl fady miata Dyno final.msq
  5. v01canic

    76 280z parts - hatch, trans, heater core, etc

    willing to sell just the trunk lock?
  6. PM sent, thanks in advance and sorry for any horrible questions.