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  1. Just thought I would share my awesome experience. The harness is awesome and ticks in nicely into the Z chassis! Working with Hussein was nothing short of a pleasure, very personable and professional. Here is a video of the harness and the car running
  2. With the exception of the intake and the megasquirt, the engine is in stock form. Even with no mods it seem a little low on power. I was hoping someone would see something I was missing in the tune before I got down the rabbit hole of modifying the engine.
  3. I have the exact issue. Just posted a new thread L28 on MS2 low power
  4. Hey guys, Got my tune done on my 76' L28 280z last week and the numbers are a little lower than I expected. Hoping you guys could help. Attached are my tune, log file, and dyno printout. Also, when the car gets hot (i live in Phoenix AZ) i love RPM signal and the car stutters Stock header Cold air intake W45 Intake manifold N47 head AEM Wideband MS2 235cc injectors 3 2.msl fady miata Dyno final.msq
  5. PM sent, thanks in advance and sorry for any horrible questions.
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