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  1. Wow, you have literally taken home the bread in every aspect.. Putting our Z-Car guys name in the clouds on this build.. Your patience, commitment and loyalty to this car is very, very well respected on this forum.. I speak for everyone when I say we ALL want to see you over come all of the problems that everything and EVERYONE throws your way. What an incredible build. This project will probably go down in Z history for nicest swap. No joke. Massive respect and kudos to you. Have a question now, I see you used the J C I engine mounts correct? So, I see you had a problem with the h
  2. Okay Gentlemen, thank you for the answers. I will be starting a build thread on here shortly.. I have a 76' 280, that's been already restored last year by myself and a couple guys. I was an apprentice mechanic years ago, after that I was an apprentice in the body shop next store. Learned lots and saved a lot of money the last few years with my own personal and family cars.. I would've loved to get the swap done first but the idea was still a twinkle in my eye years ago. Last month I pulled the engine and trans/harness and sold it to a nice fellow who drove down here from Georgia to pick up ev
  3. Yeah I'm going with a "plug and play" harness. I know there's going to be some modding with both options. If I don't go with a brand new one I'll send my stock one into get revamped. Is there a go to new plug in harness for an LS1? I see a lot of different set ups, Chevy thunder, wiring specialties, painless, etc; I don't have a problem spending the money to really cut down on the messing around with the wiring. That's the one thing that will give me a snag on this swap. All the mechanical things will be fine.
  4. Problem is the whole harness is taped together with a mess and I am selling my whole harness to this guy. Can someone please answer me if I can use the EZ wiring just for my lights and signals?!
  5. Thank you for your reply. Reasons why I want to pull everything is because it is a pretty junkie harness and I'm also selling it to another guy. I'm wondering if I pull the passenger side, can I get the EZ harness and run new wires to my lights and signals. Am I right when I say the GM harness covers both sides of the engine so I don't need anything from the Datsun harness to go on the ENGINE of the LS.
  6. Hey man - unbelievable work you have done. What an inspiration to get mine done to HALF the quality yours is! Your build is literally exactly what I'm doing. I just pulled my L28 and following some auction donor GTO/vettes. My biggest dilemma right now is this. Did you take out all of your stock harness and start from scratch for your lights and turn signals? I'd love any help on this since I'm selling my engine and harness to another Z owner. I don't want to keep any of of and run that EZwiring harness for my lights and signals. I just can't find anything on it. Thanks a ton in advance brothe
  7. Every guy doing this swap I see has taken out every piece of harness to replace it with a new one?
  8. Welcome gentleman! (+Ladies?) I have had my '76 280Z for a few years now. Ran a bigger turbo L28 for all the time I've had it. I have recently restored the body and paint, I now need the heart and brains to go with this broad of mine. I have just pulled out my L28 and now need to have a few questions answered. Here is my situation: I can attain a full GTO/C5 LS2/T56 from salvage auction. Or I have a few local engine options I can go with. But I can't find a T56 for the life of me (in Canada, just over the pond from Detroit, A.K.A the gutter of Ontario) First question: I have t
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