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  1. It is a sad day today, the LS2 240Z Auction started today on bringatrailer.com. Pete
  2. The 240Z LS2 is finally 100% complete. I have decided to sell the car at bringatrailer.com Thanks for all the great support on this web site. Pete
  3. I received my 36 page appraisal from Classic Auto Appraiser. The report was very detailed and included condition and quality of the build. The value came in at $55,000 I will be raising my insurance with Haggerty to reflect the appraised value. The Appraiser Carlo Di Marco was very complete and knowledgeable on many different cars. If anyone is interested in seeing the complete appraisal I can send you an email. Pete
  4. Looks like I will be retiring early next year, The money will help with retirement. I will not sell if I do not get what I think the car is worth. Ironhead yes I definitely like doing the build more then driving the finished product. I have built many cars in the past. This is my forth 240Z build, the other three were stock builds and I sold all of them within 1 year of finishing the projects. Pete
  5. I did some research "Bring A Trailer" looks like the best place to sell a modified 240Z. I think I will pay the extra for the plus service to have professional pictures taken. Pete
  6. Looks like I may be selling the LS2 240Z. Any suggestions on the best place to sell the car. Not in any hurry want to get the best price I can. I have a lot of money and time in this build. I know I will never get back what I put into the car. Any experience sellers know what I could sell the car for. I am not looking to give the car away, if it takes a year to sell I can wait. Pete
  7. The car is now 100% complete, just finished using HP tuners to set electric fans to come on at specific temperatures. I have driven the 240Z 150 miles working out all the bugs. Sure is nice to drive LS2 240Z with AC, power steering and great brakes. The car drives fantastic. I will post some good pictures next week.
  8. Passenger side behind dash wiring. I was asked to post pictures.
  9. Finally got the brakes working like I want. I started off with a dual 7" brake booster with a 1" Wilwood master cylinder. With this setup the brakes would not stop as well as I wanted. I could not lock up the brakes. I first tried to change the master cylinder to a 7/8" with the 7" dual brake booster. The brakes had a little better stopping power but the pedal travel was to much. With both setups the best pressure I could get at the brake cylinders was 800 PSI. I then changed the master cylinder back to the 1" Wilwood and installed a 8" dual brake booster and the brakes perform fantastic. I can lock up the brake and have tons of stopping power. I now can get 1200 PSI at the brake calipers. My front setup is Silvermine motors stage 4 front brakes that have 4 piston calipers, and the rear is Silvermine motors stage 4.
  10. I am sure OEM fans will be strong enough. The fans that came with the champion kit are cheep Chinese made. I upgraded to a same size Spal fan and it pulls a lot more air.
  11. I would not buy the Champion kit that includes the radiator and 2 electric fans for a 240Z. The fans that come in the kit are not strong enough to pull air through a 2 core radiator. The radiator fits the 240Z perfect with an LS2. I needed to upgrade one of the fans to pull more air.
  12. This is what I did. AC compressor installed. I bought the kit from DIrtydingo Motorsports. The kit mounts the AC compressor low on the passenger side of LS engines. The kit uses a Sanden SD7B10 compressor. I had to modify the lower bracket to get the tensioner to clear the steering rack. The compressor clears the 240Z frame rail, no modification needed. Next is installing the condenser and dryer, then running the AC lines through the passenger front fender vent channel.
  13. I did the install over a few days. You should be able to install in less then 4 hours, depends if you need to hunt down the tach and speedo wires. I am very critical on the instillation so I take a little more time to make sure everything is how I want it. If the engine is out it would make the install a little easier. I did the install by my self, if you have a helper it would be easier. I do not feel like I am disconnected from the road at speed. The steering is definitely easier under around 30MPH. At speeds under 10MPH it definitely feels a lot different then manual steering. The EPS kit does not offset the steering shaft on the 240Z only on the 280Z. I received an extra firewall bracket that I will make my own offset.
  14. I finished the AC system today. Charged the system with Freon and took the car on a long drive. The car performed fantastic. I love the EPS steering felt like a modern day sports car. The car is blowing 38 degree air on a sunny day. I will have to wait until this summer to see how it does on a 95 degree day. Anyone thinking of installing electric power steering I would say go for it, I love how the 240Z drives with power steering. I will now dial in the brakes. I have a willwood adjustable proportional valve on the rear brakes that I can adjust.
  15. I tested the EPS kit today on mountain roads and freeway driving. The kit performed fantastic, on the freeway not overly to much assist, Actually felt like a modern day sports car. Driving on mountain roads the car felt very stable. Parking the car can be done with one hand just like my Honda. I have to say the car is much more enjoyable to drive with power steering then with manual steering. The EPS kit was very easy to install and worked as promised. Pete
  16. Hi Richard, I know the kit you are talking about, I am sure it is a great kit. The reason I went with this kit was the compact size, speed sensing is more in line with modern electric power steering in cars. Having the VSS signal from the LS2 made the hook up very simple. I hope to test drive today. Pete
  17. I do not think you would want full power steering at freeway speeds. You can buy a GPS speed sensor with the kit. I think it only adds $45. I would think if I disconnect the speed signal the EPS will get an error code. There is a red fault light that comes with the EPS kit. I do not have enough information on the kit if it would default into a predetermined setting if it does not see the speed signal. Silvermine motors may have more information.
  18. I used the VSS signal from my PSI wiring harness. I have a GPS speedo so I was not using the VSS wire.
  19. I started the car and tested at idle. Steering feels very smooth, no noise, steering shaft and motor very stable. At idle feels like a modern day car, easy to steer with one hand. I will test on the road later this week when I finish some other work. Anyone thinking of installing EPS on your 240Z and want me to test something let me know. Pete
  20. Yes you are correct, I have about 1/8" clearance. I was told the kit would move the steering shaft away from the headers by a small amount. The kit i received did not offset the steering shaft it is in the exact same location as before installing the kit. I am asking Silvermine motors if they are selling different kits. This was one of the reasons I went with this kit was to have some more clearance at the headers. I am sure they will respond to my question on the offset firewall bracket.
  21. Install complete. Went very smooth no issues. I have tested with engine off, no slack or noises in steering column. Doing some other work on engine should be ready to drive next week.
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