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  1. Just picked up a ratty datsun 260z - was set up with dual webbers but one of the webbers has been stolen. Looking for any carb setup to get it going cheaply. I have a buddy who can rebuild them for me so poor condition is fine.
  2. Anybody buy/install the diamond leather kit from Interior Innovations? I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on this but would love some feedback. thanks, https://interior-innovations.com/product/datsun-280z-genuine-leather-w-diamond-stitching-tunnel-strut-tower-covers-copy/
  3. Anybody know of a shop in California that can handle this swap for me?
  4. I have a 280z with LT1 and auto transmission out of a 95 corvette. I find the engine really enjoyable but the auto is pretty joyless. I'd like to switch to a t56 transmission with the LT1 and also be able to use the same transmission when i switch to an LS3 as some point well into the future. Any advice?
  5. Still looking. Specifically an S30 at the moment, rolling she'll prefered.
  6. Looking for a Datsun beater project for a low-budget rallycross build. Located in central coast california. Thanks!
  7. I'll take the throttle body pending a picture. Did I miss it in the pictures above? Pallnet set up for 14mm injectors?
  8. Spare cover available - PM me if you still need it.
  9. I need a full TPS - which means once i get one - I can send you my old cover.
  10. Updated - looking for a thermostat housing as well - for a 1975 l28e.
  11. As an FYI i replace the clutch master and slave and bleed the system and the car is shifting great! Thanks for the help.
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