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  1. I'll take the throttle body pending a picture. Did I miss it in the pictures above? Pallnet set up for 14mm injectors?
  2. Spare cover available - PM me if you still need it.
  3. I need a full TPS - which means once i get one - I can send you my old cover.
  4. Updated - looking for a thermostat housing as well - for a 1975 l28e.
  5. As an FYI i replace the clutch master and slave and bleed the system and the car is shifting great! Thanks for the help.
  6. Sure - the sooner the better as i just stripped the bolts on mine - maybe you can hit the bolts with some penetrating oil so they start loosening up. message me paypal info.
  7. I'll take the thermostat housing - shipped to 93444 I think this one should work. I'm also tempted on that N42 if you want to work out a deal.
  8. Awesome! Thats exactly what i was thinking but didn't want to under-think it.
  9. I'm going to remove my non-working a/c unit in my 75 280z. I did take a look at the FSM and it seems pretty simple for the engine bay but i wanted to confirm i could remove both the compressor pulley and the idle pulley as well - leaving only the (1) belt for alternator and water pump. thanks
  10. I'm interested in the stock seats, located in CA. Thanks
  11. Yeah, I think the 73s fit a full size tire and the 75s fit a smaller tire. Thanks for looking out though.
  12. I actually ordered a ton of parts to a refresh and then broke my colarbone and some ribs in a motorcycle accident so its gonna be some time before i can climb under the car. Sooo sad.
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