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  1. Hey I was wondering what car you are working on. I have a R200 with a Mfactory LSD and everything needed to put into a 240, that I am not using. It is nearly new and in excellent condition. If you have interest let me know.
  2. Tony C share with me how to do that. As a new contributor (many years as an observer) I too am tired of it.
  3. As a recent purchaser I could not be happier with this thread. Gave me all of the background information in one place instead of search all over to find it. My experience was excellent. I made the decision PMed with a questions and spoke on the phone. Committed the purchase and it arrived within days. Currently waiting for NW diff to complete the install. Just saying as an actual buyer I am a satisfied user of the forum and my experience.
  4. Duane Bender at Vintage Motorworks in Kirkland, WA has installed 2 or 3 Vintage Air units in 240z' in the last year. They are stock looking in the interior with minor changes to the center dash console. If you are near Seattle he can make it work.
  5. Exlifesaver are you taking new orders? Will this work with either a 180 or 200. I have both. Can I get on the list?
  6. 7tooZ

    72 Z

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