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  1. Thank you for clarifying that up. This is my current tune with a bit of testing involved. At these settings my VE table at Idle is able to achieve in the range of 20 - 30 Fuel load. Is this table a bit more suitable, more practical? Current Values
  2. I have recorded my voltage levels with the car at idle at (800 - 900) RPM with the electronic fans on. And the electric fans off. Here are my results. Fans not running At about 900 RPM (14.10 - 14.20) Volts. Fans running At about 850 - 900 RPM (13.90 - 14.00) Volts. My injector dead time is currently set to 1.500 (Ms). Here is a picture of the stock curve values set by tunerstudio. Stock Curve Would it not make sense to have the injector Dead Time running at 100% during this voltage swing? Here is a picture of
  3. Sounds like an awesome project. If I were building a high horsepower 280zx I would get the following. 1. CP Pistons, Carrilo Rods 2. High strength forged Valves, Valve Springs 3. Custom Intake manifold This one is just 😲! https://protunerz.com/collections/intake-manifolds/products/l-series-datsun-nissan-intake-manifold-fuel-rail-throttle-body 4. Custom exhaust headers 5.Injector dynamic injectors 6. Delete distributor, install crank angle sensor https://protunerz.com/collections/plug-and-play-harness/products/datsun-l-series-crank-pulley-with-trigger-wheel-mount-
  4. Let me get some info on your setup right quick: 1. What are the offsets of the wheels 2. How big are the spacers 3. Are you for certain that you put the same size spacers on both sides 4. Has the car ever been in a collision on the passenger side fender well or drivers side wheel hub If all that checks out. I cant see that the actual trailing arm that's connected to the wheel hub could ever actually get push in or out with that big of a gap under the vendor wells. That would mean your CV axles (which are perfectly lengthened to fit between the differentia
  5. Hi Supernova, thought I would give you a little more info on this topic. I am running KYB's non adjustable in the rear. And Koni yellows fully adjustable in the front. Both front and back have the 1" drop Eibach pro kit springs. The product page for the springs says that you should see a 1" drop on (most applications). This tells me that some cars might see no where near that or my not lower the car at all. This is the case for my current setup. The springs actually seemed to raise the car up a bit. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YKj99GrCjw to the video I ma
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