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  1. There will be several components but the primary focus will be a traction control system.
  2. Looking good! There's not a lot of room to get a ring & sensor in there. I'm working on a solution myself as part of a larger package planned for market later this year. I'll be beating on it with Solo2/drift throughout the summer.
  3. Jumping in to add that Datsun Restomods offers CV replacement half axles WITH R180 integrated stubs for a very reasonable price.
  4. Thanks jhm. As FYI to all I'll be having a 1yr anniversary sale starting next week and ending Cyber Monday. https://datsunrestomods.com/blogs/news
  5. Ah, sorry. Option #2 works on both the S30 and 510. There are some minor differences between the two chassis, so I always confirm with the customer before shipping. Also as FYI for others reading this thread, the Subaru STI R180 differential is swappable into the S30. Simply swap the driveshaft flange off the OEM diff with the STI driveshaft flange. S30s equipped from factory with R200 will need the Datsun R180 mustache bar to run an STI differential.
  6. Hi, Option #1 above works with the S30 R180 and R200. I can not make a #2 (integrated) version for Datsun R180/R200 differentials because they use bolt-in stubs to fasten the inner housing. STI R180 uses clip-in stubs, so no bolts required. Hope that answers your question. Fritz
  7. Hello, After some chatter on HybridZ about my axles back in Feb (link below), I figured it was time to start a formal thread in the vendor section. I'm a long-time 510 and 280z owner. I also recently picked up a '76 620. In a nutshell, Datsun Restomods started after my 510 U-Joints died last summer. I sought to develop a CV axle that would be affordable, simple, and as reliable as a daily driver. After a lot of R&D I came up with two versions of CV axles: 100% stock swap. These axles replace OEM units and have enough travel to handle stock, and +1 differential up-sizing. Only 4 stock Nissan shoulder bolts per side to mount. R180 integrated stubs. This is slick setup that has integrated Subaru STI-compatible R180 stubs on the inner housing, so only 4 bolts per axle (outer/hub side) required to mount. With STI diffs coming down in price, this is a popular option. Torque rating in the initial thread below was originally 225 ft/lbs but I've recently upgraded it to 250 ft/lbs after many RB25DET/KA-T/SR20DET installs have proven their durability. I have sold well over 50 setups all over the world and am now comfortable spreading the word on this forum. These axles are designed for a typical daily/street/canyon carver setup. They are NOT ideal for drastically lowered, heavily raced, or mega HP cars - there are other options on the market that are designed to fill those needs. The entire axle is 100% new, including the CNC'd flanges & R180 stubs. I source the highest quality axles I can find. Strength has been engineered to exceed OEM axle stub shear strength. Pricing, availability, and contact information is available through: www.datsunrestomods.com Fritz Original thread back in February:
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