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  1. Hey man that's pretty slick. A lot of people don't realize putting in some hard work on the gas tank can really up your performance. Looks good man!
  2. 406-LS1-280Z

    The Restoration

    Pictures I have taken along the long trip of restoring my 280z
  3. Greetings from Montana. This is my first post so let me know if it's helpful. So my '75 Z has been sitting in a garage since 2013 on account of the clutch pedal lost its pressure and the fuel system was all gunked up with rust. I went off to school so I had no time to work on it. I came home this summer and have been working on it for a month or so now when I can afford it and have the time and finally this weekend it should drive once again! I came to the conclusion that the priority would be the gas tank and fuel system. So I dove right into draining the gas and stripping the tan
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