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  1. gto is dead, my z is my dd again

  2. Exhaust. On my first z it was the collector, I didn't care that one was my beater (god I miss that car). springs were cut. This one is the pipe I have to repair, but it doesn't stick out that low. This one is on coilovers.
  3. Did anyone get the specific trany numbers on that jeep. Back when I was going to modify the r154 from the old toyota supra (before 93) to fit my small block I ran across some info, that matched it up to the jeep trannies.
  4. WOW! That is awesome. Wish I could see that run.
  5. That would be an awesome car. Along with all of that power, you would get that incredible 4 rotor scream. It would be hard to stay off the gas.
  6. http://www.reiderracing.com/pgpowerbrute.htm part # LOM59-12 phone #734-946-1330 little over 600 I just ordered mine. They said they were shipping it today fed-ex
  7. Owen, Could you post your prices again. I cannot get to the original link you posted. I am very intrested in the live action vids. Thanks
  8. All right I have been successfully scared away from this product. Guess I will rely completely on sub frame strengthening. Thanks
  9. Here are some sites that a budy told me about. http://pagebank.sun-inet.or.jp/%7Ebellco/essh.htm http://www.foamseal.com/auto_aftermarket.htm http://arrakis.mk84.com/repo/HotVersion_PU-Demo.zip The last link is a zipped MPG. English subtitles are in white at the very bottom.
  10. Has anyone actually used the "Ridged Foam" for making a stronger subframe? I am starting to hear more about it with some of the more modern Japanese cars.
  11. Grumpyvette, How can you tell where the water is in reference to the freeze plug holes? Thanks for all of your helpful info.
  12. Do you have more information on the 350 conversion, or the kit you refer to?
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