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  1. I have 2 r200 long nose 370 open 300 each. 1 z32 N/A 5 speed 750. 280zx distributor in great shape. 150. All plus shipping for AZ 86314.
  2. Fedex shows 187 for shipping. It weights 82lbs plus the wood crate I guess about 95. Rates sure have gone up!
  3. I also have a set axles. I have been very busy. I will get the shipping information today.
  4. Do you want the complete diff or just the VLSD unit? This is not a bolt in swap to a z.
  5. True. I plan on putting a vlsd Into a longnose 200 myself. I think I can use the 5 bolt n/a z32 stub axles, short pathfinder shafts and custom weld on adapters. If it works I will do a write up but I'm a ways away from it. It would also be the cheapest setup going.
  6. I don't have any social media. I guess I'll join classicz.
  7. I am going to put a vlsd into a 200 soon. It has been done before much cheaper than buying one. I also have 3 short nose r200 for sale.
  8. I have a trans for you in AZ. 1100 plus shipping.
  9. I have 1 set of US tails in fair shape 100 and 1 set of US tails with loose lenses. 40. I have 1 short nose r200 that is 3.54 vlsd. They may be from Q45's. 150 each. I have 2 long nose R200 that are 3.70 gears open carrier. 300 each. 1 1982 280zx " close ratio " 5 speed. 800 1 1990 NA 300zx 5 speed. 700 1 280zx distributor in great shape.. 150. I have 2 used windshield seals that are probably aftermarket. 40. Also have a set of used gauges from what I was told are from a 78. I need to find out what they are worth since I don't know if they work. I have the side board set for the back of a 77, 78. Free. I am in AZ 86314. All prices are plus the ride.
  10. I'm in Prescott Valley. I can sell 1. I also have near new stock flywheeland clutch.
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